Glad you could join me for this week’s edition of the Weekly Sports Time Machine. I’m going to focus on good news this week. I’m going to try and also make you laugh. So without further adieu!

There was no shortage of salutes and appreciation for our Veterans this past week but you might have missed Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin attending the Tampa Bay game last week. But I didn’t.

Now’s the time when we celebrate the Superfans!

Frankly, I think the celebratory Jump-Over_Danny-Woodhead should become more of a thing.

This Carolina fan needs to learn some hospitality, but the Packer fan’s look on her face is priceless.

The smug assuredness is beautiful.

If basketball is more your thing right now, then keep in mind this new rookie for the Knicks.


This kid is a baller. Even WAAAAY back in the day…in Latvia. Check this out.

Yeah, cornrows, jordan headband, AND No. 34. You know Porzingis earned that number back in the day with some hard fouls.

Now for a few quick hits around the League.

Boogie needs to let the high-fives out.

And violence against Mascots is growing problem this season. Robin Lopez is suspect number one.

And here is some EPIC side-eye from James Harden from this past week.


Now for the nosepick of the week.

Shia LaBeouf? Wanna tidy this up for me?

Till next time, be good to others.