As you know by now, Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of murder in the first degree on Wednesday. He will receive the mandatory sentence of life in prison with no parol. We’ve suspected this for a long time now, but it finally became real, and Odin Lloyd’s family can know that his killer has been put away.

For someone that the defense was trying to "humanize," Hernandez failed to show much remorse
For someone that the defense was trying to “humanize,” Hernandez failed to show much remorse

It’s a sad story. But when you get past it all, it’s truly amazing how much the money, power and stardom led this psycho to the point where he will now be rotting away in a jail cell just a mile and a half from Gillette Stadium. The evidence agains Hernandez was so overwhelming, that without the murder weapon, a witness, or a clearcut motive, the jury still had no problem sending him away for life. And make no mistake about it, they were exactly right for doing so.

Maybe, had Hernandez not been so careless by leaving obvious traces through phone calls, text messages, and cameras, then covering it all up by simply smashing some electronics, he wouldn’t have been found guilty. Maybe, had he not lied about being in a club at the time of Lloyd’s death before the time of death was even released, then later admitting in court that he was indeed at the scene of the crime, he wouldn’t have been found guilty. Maybe, had he not told his fiancee to go throw away a box and then suddenly forget everything about everything, he wouldn’t have been found guilty. Probably not, but maybe.

In the end it doesn’t matter, though. Because Hernandez was going to spend the rest of his life in prison anyway.

Let’s not forget about the double murder charges that he faces for a 2012 drive-by shooting in Boston. The case against Hernandez seems much stronger in this one, with both a witness to the shooting and witnesses that point to Hernandez arguing with the two men in a club just moments before they lost their lives. Oh, and the motive? Easy. Hernandez had a drink spilled on him.

And let’s also not forget that this lunatic also pretty much tried to kill a fourth person (that we know about) in Florida. Hernandez was accused of shooting Alexander Bradley between the eyes and in the hand outside of a Miami nightclub just a couple months before Lloyd’s death — seriously, no idea how this guy is alive but good for him … the report says he was shot between the eyes (and lost and eye) and then he was shot again a year later in CT and lived to tell about it. Bradley was even called to the stand in the Lloyd case, but questions about what happened in Florida were not allowed to be asked.

Like I said, Aaron Hernandez is an idiot. But even worse, he’s now a murderer both in our eyes and in the eyes on the law. Guy went from $40 million to life in jail in the blink of an eye, and he deserves it all.

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