Even an absolute Madden junkie like me is pretty blown away by this video. I’ve logged more hours playing that game than probably any other activity on Earth and yet I’ve never seen ANYTHING like this. Sure they could’ve just messed around with Sliders and Awareness ratings… but this ridiculous 9 minutes looks legit.

With the piano added to the background it felt like I was watching an endless Charlie Chaplin sketch. Although it’s definitely the funniest Madden glitch I’ve ever seen, it’s not the best Madden moment overall. Nope that came way back in Madden 12 when I was playing my buddy Jabba with a Franchise team I drafted. His team, also the Cardinals, employed the services of veteran Todd Heap at tight end.

Long story short, Todd went over the middle one too many times and my best hit-stick was his last. The stadium went quiet, the screen went dark… it was an animation I’d never seen before. Then a little box popped up and said,


“Todd Heap (neck) has suffered a CAREER ENDING injury”


Still to this day one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. Never would’ve guessed it would come in the 3rd quarter in front of all my hometown fans but wow it still gives me goosebumps today. Everytime I see a Madden glitch now I wanna go chase that feeling again. Sadly there’s only one Todd Heap of shit, and I already killed him. RIP Todd and thanks for the memories!

If that amazing trip down memory lane didn’t last all 9 minutes, here’s a video you can play while the Cardinals/Panthers scrounge up their dignity on the field…


(First person in 7 seasons to complete the American Ninja Warrior course)





PS: For anyone that thinks Madden is dumb and not real life…try to explain how this happened RIGHT after my Madden game in 2011.