If you missed the premiere of Hard Knocks last night don’t worry, it can be summed up pretty simply. JJ Watt and Vince Wilfork LOVE to sweat. They each have their different methods but the result remains the same.

HBO was not shy at all shoving that fact down our throat. I GET IT ALRIGHT. JJ LIKES TO BE ACTIVE AND HE LOVES TO RAP wait what?





Did I miss something? When did this become a giant Saturday Night Live skit? No WAY that could possibly be real… alright anyway moving on to Big Vince doing Big things..





A little upset we didn’t get to see Vince bullrush the buffet line but hopefully that’ll come in the next few weeks. Until then we’ll have to settle for training camp fights and Macho Man Randy Savage impressions. Aside from the gazillion JJ Watt practice-montages should be a pretty entertaining season of Hard Knocks. OOooOOoOoOoO YEEEEEEEUHHHH!