Ah yes, DeSean Jackson sniffing the endzone… tis truly the gift that keeps on giving. To his credit Jackson has created a lot of scores and unbelievable highlights in his day, the only problem is there’s a fair amount of those highlights that are unbelievable for all the wrong reasons.

Last night was an all-timer for sure but is it enough to beat D-Jax’s best shenanigans ever? Let’s find out!

Catches 50 Yard Pass and Hucks Ball At Giants Coach On The Sideline

Completion rescinded. Ref bump achieved. Lessons Learned: 0

Catches 91 Yard Pass and Tauntingly Falls Into The Endzone

Unlike the previously play at least this one held up. This was before the new kickoff rules went into effect so that 15 yarder probably made that kickoff suck hard for the Eagles and gave up crazy field position. Did you see how graceful that swan dive was though? Totally necessary and completely worth it.

Catches 60 Yard Bomb and Throws Ball Away Before Crossing The Endzone

This was in 2008… THAT WAS 7 YEARS AGO!!! In all that time D-Jax hasn’t changed a damn thing, in fact I’d argue he’s regressed by now to a man with the awareness of an applesauce snack pack. Gosh he sure knows how to run fast in a straight line though. That is always cool to watch regardless of the outcome. Right Philly?

Catches 55 Yard Pass and Flips Into Endzone Landing On The 1 Yard Line (High School)

Ah yes the Alpha and the Omega…. the OG DeSean Jackson Origin Story. If he’s gonna try to pull this off in a High School Showcase game then there’s literally no time or situation where it won’t happen. Fast forward a decade later and not a damn thing changed. He’s so consistent it’s almost admirable, almost.

Does make you wonder how he hasn’t bounced around to more teams during his NFL career. Must be his A+ practice habits…