(the sweetness stars at 0:45..)


Oscar Hernandez, take a bow sir! Alright technically/literally he’s not a football player at all. He may look like a dude who pancakes other dudes for a living but in reality he’s dancer for the Arizona Rattlers and the Detroit Pistons as well. Obviously no one in the crowd had a clue and judging from their crazy loud yells, people REALLY like watching a big man boogie.

Not sure how he stays so limber in those giant pads but clearly it’s not his first Rattlin’ rodeo. Too bad he isn’t a real ballplayer, the Arena Football League and probably even the NFL could really benefit from those moves in the Endzone every Sunday…


(Anyone have any clue whatsoever what days Arena Football games are? My guess is 10 AM every other Tuesday on the Ocho)



dance fat


Don’t worry folks, he is no one hit wonder!








PS: Tried to find a Vine of “I’VE GOT THE POWER” song because I thought he would look baller dancing to it. I was absolutely right but more importantly I found this G-E-M. Thank you Internet, you are FAR far too kind.