Take a good hard look at that DeAngelo Hall jersey. Definitely a classy move and a cute Mean Joe moment… but it was also the most exciting thing that happened in last night’s game. Yep…. An injured player giving his jersey to a kid who prayed for him, that’s the top of the mountain. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS INDEED!!!

Maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, since Kevin Durant showing up in Washington (and let the Wizards Free Agency fire spark NOW) is pretty cool too..    



But seriously other than that it was pretty awful. There was a flurry of garbage time scoring in the 4th but entering the last quarter it was 25-6 Giants.

There was a glimmer of hope at the goal line to begin the 4th but everyone’s favorite waiver pickup Matt Jones decided instead to forget how the game of football works.



BUMMER CITY. But he wasn’t alone. The Giants may have won the game but they absolutely lost at life when they decided to let Larry Donnell do this and not cut him immediately.



Not sure what he ever hoped to accomplish with that but that’s why Larry is TE58. Suddenly JPP doesn’t seem like the dumbest Giant out there huh? Oh speaking of which…



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