Helluva Father’s Day gift for Dell and Michael..just chillin with your superstar sons chatting about how sick they are and how wonderful it is to be a World Champion. How about Grandma Curry giving the seal of best sharpshooter approval to Steph! Dell ain’t even mad though and how could he be? He’s got a MVP son and an All-Universe MVP Granddaughter..



There are plenty of people getting sick of Riley Curry (hint: YOU SUCK) but it’s so underrated that not only do we get to enjoy Chef Curry for the next decade, but Riley too! In the prime of her ridiculous toddler career. Vine better update their servers like REAL quick. Some fellow Waaaaaarriors also had a baller Father’s Day, especially NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala..


To our awesome fans… THANK YOU! #dubnation

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It’s a celebration! #rickJamesVoice #OhWeGonBeShampionship #ChampsOfTheWorldCraig #Parade #MVPbus

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Over in the MLB Dexter Fowler had one of the best gifts a Father could receive…a holiday meatball he could promptly deposit far far away for an all-time Grandslam..





Tony Gwynn Jr. had a slightly emotional day…just about the year anniversary of Tony Gwynn’s passing and Jr. does him proud. Smacks a walk-off single to right just like Dad taught em



And how about those NFL daddy’s?? Must be SO pumped they’re about to be pancaked by 330 lb. men instead of changing diapers everyday…



LOL pretty elite humor by Drew there. Oh speaking of Elite


Happy Father’s Day!!!! We love you!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Feliz dia dos pais!!! Nós te amamos!!!

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Alright I gotta go find/give my Dad a hug now. Riley get us outta here!