Week 2 is (mainly) in the books after an action-packed 13-game fantasy football Sunday main slate. As always, it didn’t end without its share of regrets.

So, as the hard-hitting analyst (?) that I am, I took to the ol’ Twitter machine to ask the masses: “WHO DESTROYED YOUR LINEUPS TODAY!?” As always, the internet didn’t disappoint. If you want to send your regrets, you can send them directly to @SBuchanan24. We will mourn together.

Patrick Mahomes, KC at PIT ($6,100)

Welp, this certainly wasn’t the way you wanted to start your week. Look, we all thought Mahomes was going to be in a fantastic spot this week, but I don’t think we expected THIS type of performance. Scoring 41.84 DKFP, Mahomes was 23-of-28 for 326 yards and SIX touchdowns and 18 rushing yards. Overall, he was the second-highest fantasy scorer of the week, trailing only his opponent Ben Roethlisberger ($6,900) by .14 DKFP.

As for Andrew Luck ($6,200), well, he wasn’t nearly as good as Mahomes. He only trailed him by 28.48 DKFP, threw four fewer touchdowns, 147 fewer yards and two more interceptions. Luck was also $100 more expensive, so it’s not like you didn’t have the salary to get Mahomes in. Oh, and as far as Mahomes’ salary is concerned, good luck with getting him at a discount next week. But at least Luck will still be affordable.

Also, great use of the Shaq GIF, I always can appreciate a well-used GIF.

Antonio Brown, PIT vs. KC ($8,800)

Ok yeah, I’m on board with this one.  What in the ever living hell happened here? Brown ended the day with 17 targets in a game in which the Steelers scored 37 points. If I stopped you on the street and asked, “Hey, how do you think this ended for Brown?” You’d respond with a resounding remark I’m sure, depending on your personality. But instead, we get a 15.7 DKFP score, as he caught nine passes for 67 yards. Instead, it was JuJu Smith-Schuster ($6,400) who took the cake today. His monster performance turned into 34.1 DKFP, catching 13-of-19 targets for 121 yards with a touchdown to boot. Rostering him over Brown would have not only got you great ownership but some serious flexibility, as he was $2,400 cheaper……

Sorry, I had to cross my arms and shake my head at my computer because I’m still angry about this.

Ok yeah, let’s move onto Week 3. Or, the next regret.

Houston D/ST at TEN ($2,600)

Another one I’m 100 percent on board with was using the Texans defense. As the week progressed, the chatter about utilizing them grew bigger and bigger and it made a ton of sense. Marcus Mariota ($5,600) wasn’t able to fully grip a football and Blane Gabbert ($4,700) could have used the same excuse, from what we’ve seen from in the past. But yeah, I mean, how could you NOT want to target these guys. Oh, did I also mention we had reports early this morning that Mariota would be playing strictly for running plays? Just strip sack him four or five times and we’re Gucci.

However, before the first quarter was even over, the Titans were up 14-0! I mean I guess you get what you pay for. You don’t go to a tattoo parlor that operates out of a basement and ask for a portrait of your mother and you don’t pay down for defenses. The Texans ended with a sad 2 DKFP, which was even lower than the Cardinals ($2,100). As you’d expect, it was the chalk Rams D/ST ($3,700) that ended with the highest score at 13 DKFP, tied with the Dolphins ($3,100). Did you catch that? THE DOLPHINS. C’mon man, give us a break.

At least your city doesn’t have beer locked up waiting for a win.

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