Week 10 is (mainly) in the books after an action-packed 10-game fantasy football Sunday main slate. As always, it didn’t end without its share of regrets.

So, as the hard-hitting analyst (?) that I am, I took to the ol’ Twitter machine to ask the masses: “WHO DESTROYED YOUR LINEUPS TODAY!?” As always, the internet didn’t disappoint. If you want to send your regrets, you can send them directly to @SBuchanan24. We will mourn together.

Depressing music is a pivotal part of this article so, as always, I searched far and wide in the YouTube archives for a fitting one and I think I nailed it. As always, feel free to listen as you read by clicking here. Now, onto the regrets!

Jets D/ST ($3,400), BUF at NYJ, DKFP Total: -3

Sometimes you just run bad, other times you run into an offensive juggernaut run by their trusted leader named Matt Barkley ($4,000). Coming into the week, the Jets were a highly sought-after pick this week because they were facing a team that has averaged 10.7 DKFP on the year. Not to mention the massive amount of turnovers they create. Instead, we got an absolute spanking, as the Jets only outscored the Bengals D/ST ($2,100), but you didn’t play them anyways so it doesn’t matter. The Jets managed just a single sack in this game in between allowing 41 points and 451 total yards. Talk about stomping on the chalk.

Hold on though, before we continue, can we just talk about Kelvin Benjamin ($3,400) for a minute? So here the Bills are, FINALLY connecting on some offense and he can’t even post a single fantasy point. Yup, he was targeted three times and caught nothing but a zero in this game. He was third-wheeling this game and pretending like he wasn’t watching his teammates schmoozing the football. Ever have that single friend join you on a date and they just keep refreshing Facebook looking at the same status updates over and over? That was Benjamin today. After today, Benjamin is averaging 5.6 fantasy points on the year. And to think I talked up Benjamin up one of these weeks. Sad!

Jarvis Landry ($6,200), ATL at CLE, DKFP Total: 4.2

I’m just so sick and tired of Landry, guys. I’ve played him SO MANY TIMES and I just don’t learn. Including today, here is how many fantasy points Landry has ended with:

25.7 (I was happy this week)
3.1 (may I add this was his two receptions on nine targets game.)

You’d think I’d learn my lesson after the 3.1 DKFP game, but nope. So yeah, I’m with you guys, Landry was an absolute bust AGAIN. In the tweet, he mentioned he used Landry over Leonard Fournette ($6,300). Pre-lineup lock Steve would say, “yeah, I don’t mind that play. I can’t imagine Fournette is rushed into a heavy workload in his return and Landry is in a great spot against a vulnerable Falcons defense.” Post-lock Steve would say, “Never use Landry again.”

Kareem Hunt ($8,500), ARI at KC, DKFP Total: 11.6

This one hits REALLY close to home. You see, every Sunday, DK Live produces a show called “The Sweat,” which runs from 11:30 a.m. ET to 1 p.m. ET. Essentially, we go over lineup construction, questions, anything you’d want to know before setting lineups. One of our analysts, Geoff Ulrich, said with confidence, “David Johnson ($6,800) will outscore Kareem Hunt.” I laughed at him, snorted at him, even went as far to say, “I’ll enjoy taking a screenshot later.” Well, that screenshot never happened and neither did the production of Hunt. He scored his lowest fantasy total since Week 1, carrying the ball 16 times for 71 yards and catching just two balls for 25 yards. It was a nightmare scenario in a game where the Chiefs were HEAVILY favored and garbage time was inevitable. Instead, we saw a total of just 40 points scored and simply not enough Hunt. Even SPENCER WARE ($4,000) vultured a touchdown here. Talk about a low blow. As you’d imagine, Geoff didn’t hesitate to @ me on the ol’ Twitter machine. Oh, and Johnson? Yeah, he scored 37.3 DKFP, which was the third highest score of the entire slate.

I guess I’ll catch you all next week. I’m actually pretty annoyed right now, so I’m done.

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