Fantasy football season is here! Before you draft a team with your buddies or play in a league right here on DraftKings with them, you’ve got to make sure your team name is on point.

Here are some of the top fantasy team names for 2016.

Golden Tate Warriors — I guess GSW had to sign KD for us to finally think of this?

Le’Veon La Vida Loca — It’s never a bad time for a Ricky Martin reference …

Game of (Julio) Jones — Have to have a GOT reference in here.

Wentz Upon A Time — For the hardcore Philly fans since this kid won’t be playing this year.

Eiferted — Middle school humor is always funny.

Drinkin’ Fortes — There’s so much you can do with Matt Forte’s name. I’ll try and keep it brief.

Winning Is My Forte — Seems like a good name for any reigning champions out there.

Forte Year Old Virgin — Yeah, so basically anything with the number 40 works. This one happens to be my favorite.

Dude, Where’s Derek Carr? — Underrated movie. Underrated QB.

Amendola Dola Billz Y’all — Oh and don’t forget about this guy either.

Drake’s New Favorite Team — This pretty much guarantees you’ve already won and will continue winning. Plus it’s #Summer16.

Taste Dwayne Bowe — A nice change up from the classic “Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe.”

Luckness Monster — Andrew is going to have a monster bounce back season, might as well make it your team name if he’s your QB.

Fosters: AustrARIAN for Beer — Beer goes well with fantasy football and drafts.

Forgetting Brandon Marshall — Better movie than “Dude Where’s My Car?” Also something many cornerbacks wish they could do.

Jamaal About That Bass — No treble.

Gotta Catch Jamaal — I heard Pokemon is hot right now.

Dez-ed & Confused — Another great movie.

Final Dez-tination — First place in my DK league with my friends.

Hyde and Zeke — Please, please draft both of them and use this name.

Maclin On Your Gurley — Another perfect two player combo.

Rex, Suggs and Gronk ’n Roll — I mean, seriously. How good is this?

Suh-icide Squad — One of the biggest movies of the summer and the biggest dudes in football. Match made in heaven.

Almost Jameis — He may already be “Famous Jameis” but it’s still a sweet team name.

Make America Gronk Again — Because Gronk is the man.

The Forsett Awakens — Star Wars is back and there’s more where this came from.

RG3-PO — Hopefully RG3 isn’t as stiff as C3PO out there this season.

Marcus MariYoda — Everyone loves Yoda.

MilLe’Veon Falcon — Whole lot going on here but I like it.

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