Last week I traveled/somehow survived a cruise to the Bahamas with my good friend Bob Gronkowski and along the way DraftKings caught up with him to ask a few questions about his off-season plans and what it’s like to never party or have a single ounce of fun…

Amazing that a guy who sleeps as much as he does would have such a hoarse voice but maybe that means he did have a good time after all? All kidding aside pretty much everyone on that boat legitimately got only 6-9 hours of sleep total in those 3 days and apparently yelling WAKA FLOCKA! WAKA FLOCKA! WAKA FLOCKAAAAAAA!!! repeatedly WILL in fact make your voice disappear.

To any Patriots fans out there worried about next season, DON’T BE. I can assure you Gronk put in more cardio work during that trip than any player training for the NFL Draft right now and although I did see him get beat in a push-up contest by a 10 year old he did still look mildly strong. He doesn’t fill out the Batsuit like I do but then again who does? (Please don’t beat me up Bob)