Esquire had a brand spanking new show premiere last night and all indications are it’s a really good time. “The Agent” isn’t about Drew Rosenhaus or Scott Boras breaking the bank and riding jetskis in the Bahamas, it focuses more on blue-collar type Agents that are out there grinding everyday like you and me.

It’s way more Jerry Maguire than Ari Gold..





I always wanted to be a sports agent growing up but I let go of that dream after realizing I probably couldn’t have a soul if I did. Just constantly working and scumming everyone I met. Can’t knock the hustle it just ain’t for me. The Agent looks like it does a great job of showing that good honest agents are out there.

The guy’s signing 4th round picks and making sure they have a place to sleep in the offseason. The guy’s that get to know a players family and become pseudo-buddies… I can get down with that. And yes I’m absolutely hoping some client yells “SHOWWWWWW ME THE MONEYYYYYY” at least three times this season.





The Agent airs Tuesdays at 10 PM on Esquire Network