2015 apparently is the year of weird in the NFL. The Madden 16 Movie trailer was the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen and even World Champions like Julian Edelman are out there making oddball sketches nowadays.

Dunkin Donuts trotted out Big Papi and Rob Gronkowski earlier this summer to serenade us with some (weird) songs and now they’re using Eli and Odell to do the same. No songs here though, just a lot of bizarre lines and strange camp activities. And this..






Maybe filming this commercial strengthened their bond but more likely it was just a really long awkward day of standing around saying, “what THE HELL is this?”.

Probably no different than how Rueban Randle feels readying a NFL playbook.





PS: Hate Peyton all you want but this right here is the GOAT of weird NFL player commercials…