EA Sports debuted these beauties at the E3 Gaming Expo in Los Angeles and wow thank god they did. Probably the first time in a long time I’m genuinely excited about the release of a new sports game. FINALLY they included Playoff beards in NHL and truly crazy Playmaking ability in Madden. All 3 games have a long list of new features but one stuck out among all the rest…


(Bleacher Report) – New game modes are cool, and the newly announced Draft Champions has some appeal. It’s a combination of daily fantasy sports games such as DraftKings and EA Sports’ Ultimate Team. You essentially draft a one-off team with salary restrictions that you get to take into online or offline play.  You play a mini season with your selected squad of current and legend players. It’s a pick-up-and-play option that could last as short as five hours to complete.


DAMN RIGHT THEY ARE COOL! Pretty darn exciting to see DFS get some Madden shine and regardless those new animations look B-O-N-K-E-R-S. But if I’m being honest none of these games hold a candle let alone a lightsaber to the best premiere trailer from yesterday. OMG CALL OF DUTY IN SPACE!!!



Nerds and Jocks unite AND REJOICE! There shall be no summertime sadness this year my friends. Just lots of dancin n’ funyuns!