The great thing about playing on DraftKings is that everyone who submits a lineup into the Millionaire Maker-from a professional DFS player to my Uncle Bruce-has at least a ray of hope of walking away with a seven-figure cash.

In Week 7, though, it was the actual user ‘rayofhope’-one of the top overall players in all of daily fantasy sports-who became an instant fantasy football millionaire. It was a remarkable weekend for rayofhope, who crushed some other tourneys as well, as he absolutely dominated the field in the Millionaire Maker on the back of Le’Veon Bell’s Monday night production.

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Before diving into more analysis, let’s take a look at the popular picks across DraftKings in Week 7.


Popular Players

Here’s a glimpse at the top 30 players owned in the Millionaire Maker.

1Justin ForsettBAL560021350127.2
2Ben TateCLE530019620225
3Golden TateDET590019313324.6
4Brandon MarshallCHI630017900422.8
5Jamaal CharlesKC670016812521.4
6Seahawks SEA320016558621.1
7Jordan CameronCLE460016277720.7
8Bills BUF330015273819.4
9Jordy NelsonGB820015200919.3
10Browns CLE3000132531016.9
11Eddie LacyGB4700114281114.5
12Andre EllingtonARI6500113531214.4
13Aaron RodgersGB8800105921313.5
14Andre HolmesOAK4800103391413.1
15Larry DonnellNYG3500102541513
16Randall CobbGB670095771612.2
17Odell Beckham Jr.NYG380092791711.8
18Steve Smith Sr.BAL670090781811.5
19Dwayne AllenIND370090201911.5
20Marshawn LynchSEA710089292011.4
21DeMarco MurrayDAL960079922110.2
22Branden OliverSD63007647229.7
23Jordan ReedWAS50007549239.6
24Alfred MorrisWAS47007504249.5
25Lamar MillerMIA53007308259.3
26DeSean JacksonWAS63007013268.9
27Giovani BernardCIN78006929278.8
28T.Y. HiltonIND70006770288.6
29Matt ForteCHI94006527298.3
30Michael FloydARI50006158307.8


On 21,350 total teams, Ravens running back Justin Forsett was the most popular player in Week 7 in 27.2 percent of all lineups. He barely surpassed Ben Tate (25.0 percent), and this is something that we see often-users searching for cheap production at the running back positon. Because running backs are so reliant on a significant workload for production, it makes sense to try to replicate top-tier production at a cheaper cost whenever you think a player might see opportunities to make some plays.

Tate ended up being the most disappointing player in Week 7, but another Tate was Golden in Detroit. The Lions’ receiver has filled in nicely for Calvin Johnson, and he was in just fewer than one-in-four Millionaire Maker lineups. If you weren’t on board with Tate, your chances of cashing were pretty significantly reduced.

It was unsurprising to see Brandon Marshall as the second-most popular wide receiver and Jamaal Charles as the third-most popular back; both players were very underpriced. Whenever we’re talking about high-usage players, it’s so important to identify whether or not they’ll break out. When someone is in 20 percent of all lineups, they become super high-leverage such that missing on them can really hurt you. That doesn’t mean you always need to get on board with those players since fading a high-usage guy who is a bust, like Ben Tate, can be really advantageous.

It was pretty surprising to see three defenses-the Seahawks, Bills, and Browns-check in above 16 percent usage. That’s particularly shocking since none were very cheap. Seattle-the most popular defensive choice in Week 7-really hurt users by losing a point.

Finally, note the absence of quarterback choices here. Aaron Rodgers was the only quarterback in the top 30 in popularity, in 13.5 percent of all Millionaire Maker lineups. The next quarterback was Russell Wilson in 7.4 percent.

Week 7 Perfect Lineup

Lineup includes only players from the Sunday/Monday contests

QBRussell Wilson$680043.12
RBMatt Forte$940028.9
RBRonnie Hillman$480026.3
WRDemaryius Thomas$800040.1
WRSammy Watkins$480036.2
WRGolden Tate$590034.4
TEGavin Escobar$300021.5
FLEXDoug Baldwin$330028.3
DEFVikings $280015


The Millionaire Maker: rayofhope (241.62 point)

Heading into the Monday night matchup between the Steelers and Texans, there were basically two users who had a really good shot at a $1 million payday-rayofhope and osubase34 (who finished second). For rayofhope to win, he’d need over 18 points from Le’Veon Bell.

Oct 20 1


The sweat was exciting while it lasted, but it didn’t even take until halftime for Bell to cross that barrier and give rayofhope the win. With 241.61 points, rayofhope posted the highest total in any tournament on DraftKings in Week 7.

It was interesting to see rayofhope pair Russell Wilson with a running back on his own team in Marshawn Lynch. The thinking there was probably that Wilson is such a unique quarterback that his production isn’t tied to Lynch’s as it might be for most other QB-RB combos.

Lynch was rayofhope’s only bust with just 9.1 points. It’s pretty incredible that rayofhope even had anyone under 10 points considering his final score, but that was made possible by hitting on every receiver choice; Demaryius Thomas, Golden Tate, Sammy Watkins, and Roddy White combined for an insane 138.7 points.

Note that none of rayofhope’s choices were very low-usage; Watkins and White were both in just over five percent of lineups, but his approach with this one wasn’t particularly contrarian and instead more value-based.

Overall, rayofhope crushed it with 16 lineups in the top 500 and seven that scored over 200 points. He ended up winning the Week 7 Millionaire Maker by 10.4 points-a ridiculous margin in a field of nearly 80,000.

Congrats to rayofhope for one of the sickest lineups we’ve seen this season!


Sunday 300 Grand: rayofhope (206.44 points)

I mentioned it was a nice little weekend for rayofhope, right? Well, he took down both first and second place in the Sunday 300 Grand, too, netting him another $80k.

Oct 20 2


There were some similarities between rayofhope’s two big winning lineups-Wilson, Thomas, and White-but the fact that he was able to win another huge GPP with a mostly different group of players is pretty incredible.

In this one, rayofhope was able to overcome just 1.5 points from tight end Jordan Cameron. Cameron was rayofhope’s most utilized player, and he again didn’t go with a very contrarian approach. The Cards’ D was low-usage at 3.0 percent, but they managed only five points.

Note that rayofhope used a more conventional tournament lineup with a QB/WR stack, even though Wilson was still his quarterback. Every situation is different, but this strategy is probably more representative of what you’d see from rayofhope if you analyzed all of his lineups. It just so happens that one of his non-stacks ended up being a $1 million one.

Rayofhope’s second-place lineup in the Sunday 300 Grand had a lot of the same names-Andre Ellington, Lamar Miller, Tate, Thomas, Watkins-but he also threw in Peyton Manning and was able to overcome a dud performance from Justin Hunter. It was pretty clear that rayofhope had a core group of players that he liked and he built multiple lineups around that group of guys. It seems like he hit on most of them, eh?


$100K Play-Action: KalZakath (224.32 points)

One of the closest finishes of the weekend came in the $100k Play-Action, where KalZakath was able to hold onto the win (and a $10,000 cash on just a $2 entry) by the skin of his teeth. KalZakath jumped into the lead with some late Ronnie Hillman and Demaryius Thomas points on Sunday night, but he didn’t have any players in the Monday night game.

Oct 20 3


Meanwhile, taytck30692 was slowly creeping up with Le’Veon Bell in his lineup. As Bell continued to score points late Monday, taytck30692 inched closer and closer to KalZakath. Down just 1.5 points late in the fourth quarter, taytck30692 needed just 16 rushing yards or a catch for six yards from Bell to secure the win.

It never came, and KalZakath was able to hang onto the victory. The difference in prizes was $7,500 for taytck30692, but $2,500 on a $2 entry ain’t so bad either.


Week 8 Millionaire Maker

We’ve seen both daily fantasy pros and total novices take down the Millionaire Maker in recent weeks. This is truly anyone’s game, and DraftKings is right back at it again in Week 8 with yet another Millionaire Maker.

There aren’t many places that you can turn $27 into seven figures playing fantasy football-check that, there aren’t any other places that you can do that-so take your shot at becoming the next fantasy football millionaire in Week 8.