Someone just won $1 million playing fantasy football on DraftKings.

Holy crap.

In what was a wild Week 5, we saw some massive scores on DraftKings yet again. It started with some big production in the 1pm games, including 375 yards and three scores from Austin Davis in Philly, 157 yards and two touchdowns from Arian Foster in the Texans’ loss to Dallas, and a surprising 134 yards and a touchdown out of Golden Tate against the Bills.


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And then Peyton. Manning & Co. torched Arizona for 41 points, with Manning making up for two interceptions by throwing for 479 yards and four touchdowns. Two of those scores went to Demaryius Thomas, whose 226 yards marked a franchise-high for the Broncos. The duo dramatically changed the outlook of the Millionaire Maker, with the top four lineups all utilizing Manning-to-Thomas.

Now, let’s break down the legendary DraftKings tourney in greater detail.

$2.2M Millionaire Maker – $27 Entry – Week 5

Millionaire Maker: SamENole (235.26 points)

In a field of 92,400 entrants, you never expect a single user to run away with the victory. In winning by just under seven points, however, that’s exactly what SamENole did in the Millionaire Maker. With only three other users crossing the 220-point barrier, SamENole’s lineup was so outstanding that he had the tournament all but wrapped up even before the Monday night game.

Oct 6

One of the traits of a lot of great GPP lineups is that they are unique, and SamENole’s was just that with just two popular choices: Emmanuel Sanders (25.9 percent) and the Chargers D (14.5 percent). Other than those picks, not a single player in SamENole’s lineup was in more than 8.1 percent of Millionaire Maker lineups.

SamENole of course rode the Manning/Thomas stack, which was underutilized given the upside of that duo. With over 81 points from the pair, SamENole headed into the late games with a “good” lineup and came out of them with a sensational one.

Even with Manning-to-Thomas, though, SamENole’s most valuable player was arguably Arian Foster. The Texans running back erupted for 34.2 points against the Cowboys, but more important, he was in only 0.8 percent of Millionaire Maker lineups—one-in-125. When combined with the even less popular Ben Tate (0.7 percent usage), SamENole secured outstanding running back production that fewer others were able to grab.

Note that SamENole’s strategy was one that often pays off in tournaments: using high-upside studs who are either slightly overpriced (Foster) or in a perceived poor matchup (the Broncos stack), both of which drive down usage. SamENole was able to create a lineup with a ridiculously high ceiling without using players who were extremely popular in the Millionaire Maker.

Congrats to dskevin, who took down second place and a $100,000 cash despite using only two lineups. Dskevin might not have expected a six-figure payday heading into Monday night, as he was nowhere near the top of the leaderboard and needed a sensational outing from DeSean Jackson against the Seahawks to even have a shot at a big cash. What were the odds of Jackson going off for 157 yards, a touchdown, and 29.7 points on DraftKings?

We saw another late-week leaderboard surge from jobyblack. He too was quite a ways from the top of the leaderboard even late in the Monday-night contest, but a fourth-quarter Marshawn Lynch touchdown propelled him into third place for an unexpected finish and a $50,000 cash.

It’s crazy to think that someone just turned a $27 investment into seven figures, and even crazier to think that DraftKings is offering everyone another chance at the huge payday in an all new Week 6 Millionaire Maker.

Week 5 Perfect Lineups and Percentage Owned

Percentage owned stats below are from the Millionaire Maker contest

Perfect Lineup – Week 5

QBAustin DavisSTLPHI$560033.003.28%
RBArian FosterHOUDAL$780034.200.82%
RBMatt ForteCHICAR$740034.608.60%
WRDemaryius ThomasDENARI$740045.607.18%
WRDeSean JacksonWASSEA$460029.700.57%
WRGolden TateDETBUF$490029.407.64%
TEGreg OlsenCARCHI$530025.202.64%
FLEXBranden OliverSDNYJ$300037.200.07%

Highest Owned Players – Week 5 Millionaire Maker

1Rashad Jennings4191845.655009.2
2Kelvin Benjamin3230635.248006.8
3Antonio Brown3230235.2810013.4
4Le'Veon Bell2965132.3730016.8
5DeMarco Murray2846531750028.2
6Emmanuel Sanders2392626.1510020.9
7Giovani Bernard2256824.667009.2
8Philip Rivers1985021.6700022.82
9Jimmy Graham1705318.676005.6
10Jeremy Maclin1595817.4560018.6
11Keenan Allen147041658005.5
12Travis Kelce1462515.930009.5
13Chargers 1339014.6310016
14Reggie Bush128481462006.3
15Andrew Hawkins1224313.335005.7
16Chris Ivory1149812.531004.4
17Marshawn Lynch1103712720022.7
18Broncos 110401226004
19Delanie Walker110181243008.7
20Drew Brees1060511.5890022.74
21Percy Harvin1020411.161007.4
22Steve Smith Sr.1016111.160008.4
23Julius Thomas1010911690024.6
24Brandin Cooks994710.8470016.1
25Julio Jones992610.8800024.5

For More Percent Owned Stats check out the Full Breakdown Here

$150K Hail Mary – $12 Entry – Week 5

$150K Hail Mary: Dustin75 (216.06 points)

Perhaps the best finish of Week 5 came in the $150K Hail Mary, where Dustin75 had to sweat the Monday night game on his way to cashing $20,000.

Oct 6 2


Dustin75 unsurprisingly had a Manning/Thomas stack, and he also was another user with very low player usage across the board; not a single one of Dustin75’s picks was in more than 9.8 percent of Hail Mary lineups.

In addition to hitting on Antonio Gates and Golden Tate, Dustin75 absolutely nailed his running back selections of Andre Ellington and Matt Forte—a duo that combined for 70 points. That sort of combination was rare at the running back position, where most users struggled in Week 5. The big running back production allowed Dustin75 to overcome poor performances from Jeremy Kerley, Martellus Bennett, and the Chiefs D.

So why was this one such a sweat for Dustin75? Well, with the late touchdown from Marshawn Lynch on Monday night, second-place user wgarten pulled within one point of the lead. Lynch actually needed only eight more yards to propel wgarten into first place, but he didn’t get them and Dustin75 held on for the win.


$200K Gridiron – $27 Entry – Week 5

$200K Gridiron: popo10 (209.06 points)

The ultimate low-usage lineup came courtesy of popo10 in the $200K Gridiron. Popo10’s only high-usage choice was the San Diego defense, and the average usage for his nine players was only 6.1 percent.

Oct 6 3


The most important of those was probably Kendall Wright, who went for two touchdowns and 27 fantasy points, but was found in just 1-in-333 Gridiron lineups. It was also interesting to see popo10 hit on his pick of Dez Bryant, whose 23.5 points were handed out to less than five percent of the field.

Congrats to popo10 on his $20,000 cash.


King of the Beach Atlantis Qualifiers – Week 5

Another week, another three DraftKings users who punched their ticket to the Bahamas. In Week 5, users Al_Smizzle, ehafner, and back2calley all qualified for the trip to Atlantis and a shot at a $1 million payday.

Back2calley’s lineup was pretty interesting since he rostered Drew Stanton, yet still beat out 6,374 other users on his way to scoring 207.52 points in the $12 qualifier. It’s pretty rare to see the winner of a huge league completely miss at the quarterback position. Only one other player on back2calley’s team scored fewer than 16.8 points; it was Julian Edelman, whose three late-game catches on Sunday night football unexpectedly propelled back2calley into the lead.

See you all next week in the Week 6 Millionaire Maker!