It was another wild weekend of championship league action on DraftKings, with one user winning a half-million bucks and another taking down a $100,000 payday on just a $12 entry. That’s just an 8,333x ROI, no big deal.

DraftKings NFL playoff leagues are on the agenda for Wild-Card Weekend. Before breaking down all of the best plays in the postseason, let’s rewind and analyze the big winners from Week 17.


Touchdown Championship: TwoGun (218.76 points)

We’ve seen the name ‘TwoGun’ around the top of the leaderboards a lot in 2014, and he capped off his awesome NFL season with a huge win in the Touchdown Championship. TwoGun had one heck of a weekend, as he finished first, third, and seventh in this tournament. Those three lineups alone netted him $620,000.

Week 17 DK Touchdown


TwoGun hit on C.J. Anderson, who was a popular choice in 28.4 percent of lineups, but he really won this league at the wide receiver position, nailing the selections of Odell Beckham, Eric Decker, and Andre Johnson. Beckham was the only really popular receiver in 28.9 percent of lineups, with Johnson in 7.1 percent and Decker remarkably in just 0.8 percent. The trio combined for 113 points, which was 51.7 percent of TwoGun’s total.

Like so many big tournament winners this season, TwoGun played another wide receiver in his flex position. It was Steve Smith, whose 17 points certainly returned a lot of value. TwoGun’s only miss was Jonathan Stewart, who managed just 69 total yards against the Falcons.

Heading into Sunday night, there really wasn’t too much of a sweat for TwoGun, either. Only one user with a player in the Sunday night game finished within 13 points of TwoGun…and it was TwoGun’s other lineup.


Hail Mary Championship: dendil (223.98 points)

The highest score in any of the championships came in the Hail Mary, where dendil put up 223.98 points to turn his $12 investment into $100k. It truly was a $12 investment, too, since dendil entered just a single lineup into the tournament with over 47,000 entries. Actually, each of the top three lineups was a single bullet. Those three users collectively turned $36 into $160,000. And none of it needs to go to their children since Christmas just passed!

Week 17 DK Hail Mary


It’s pretty cool to see that dendil wasn’t all that close to the top of the Hail Mary leaderboard until late on Sunday night. That’s because he stacked Ben Roethlisberger with Antonio Brown, and outside of a punt return touchdown early in the game, Brown wasn’t doing anything too special against the Bengals.

As midnight approached, however, dendil experienced a Christmas miracle. Up by three points with just 2:50 remaining in the ballgame, Roethlisberger hooked up with Brown on a 63-yard score. That play alone was worth an insane 25.82 fantasy points to dendil, which moved him all the way into first place.

It was really the perfect storm of fantasy production, too, because dendil got points from the Brown catch (1), the 63 receiving yards (6.3), the touchdown (6), the 100-yard receiving bonus (3), the Roethlisberger touchdown (4), the 63 passing yards (2.52), and the 300-yard passing bonus (3). Stacking 101.

What a way to end the 2014 regular season, and what a way to turn $12 into $100,000! Hope you didn’t fall asleep early, dendil, because you just won more than twice the median U.S. household income with one Roethlisberger pass.


Play-Action Championship: Walrod72 and tdav357 (214.16 points)

We have a tie! In a field of nearly 30,000, Walrod72 and tdav357 tied with 214.16 points. They were both single-entry users, and their lineups weren’t similar at all. They ended up splitting the first and second-place prizes of $25,000 and $15,000, meaning each user turned $2 into $20,000. Holy crap. Tdav357 used the same lineup to finish third in the Hail Mary, adding another $20,000 to his account. That’s a nice little $40,000 payday on just $14 in entry fees.

Let’s first take a look at the lineup from Walrod72.

Week 17 DK PlayAction


Walrod72 paired Eli Manning with Odell Beckham, which was a popular stack of Sunday’s top lineups. Walrod72 did a really nice job of hitting on his popular choices (Beckham and C.J. Anderson, especially) while also finding unique production in his contrarian choices. He didn’t have Decker in his lineup, but Walrod72 got nice value out of Anquan Boldin (1.6 percent), Jordan Matthews (3.0 percent), Jordan Reed (3.0 percent), Andre Johnson (5.7 percent), and the Chiefs defense (1.5 percent).

Meanwhile, tdav357 had only three of the same players (Anderson, Beckham, and Matthews).

Week 17 DK PlayAction 2


Like Walrod72, tdav357 won by going against the grain. His placement of Michael Floyd in the flex, in particular, was borderline genius. Floyd was owned by just 0.6 percent of users in the Play-Action Championship, but he torched an overrated Niners secondary for 153 yards and two touchdowns. That move alone was a league-winning one.

Neither user rostered any players in the Sunday night contest, so they were sweating it out late. When Brown scored at the end of the fourth quarter, one user soared to within less than two points of Walrod72 and tdav357, but the two were ultimately able to hang on for the victory.

Congrats to all of the big Week 17 winners on DraftKings! Now let’s get to some playoff action!