This is a six part series detailing the potential fantasy impact of draft selections by each NFL team, division by division.   Offensive players and their fantasy potential in the upcoming NFL season on DraftKings will be scrutinized! 

Buffalo Bills

Fantasy Players Picked:USATSI_8306582_168381090_lowres

Karlos Williams RB (5th round)—Florida State
Karlos Williams is actually a converted safety and does have very good power and speed for his size (he ran sub 4.5 at the combine).  His issue is that he is a one cut runner, and runs very upright—think of him as a much less smooth Demarco Murray.  Williams’ main issue has been off the field and he actually seemed to regress a bit last season in his second year at RB.  I don’t see Williams as a runner who could transcend the Bills awful QB situation and would pass on using him unless he was somehow getting a full complement of carries and his DraftKings salary was very low.  Long term project.

Nick O’Leary TE—Florida State (6th round)
One of the funniest things I read on twitter in the past month or so was the reaction of a Bills fan after the selection of O’Leary, and I quote “he could be our Gronk”.  No Bills fans, no he cannot.  Nick O’Leary does have great hands for a man his size, he’s also very slow, and not that strong or agile.  His pass routes at FSU were mostly short yardage plays and while he may see the odd red zone target in the NFL he won’t ever be a consistent fantasy option (especially with the Bills current QB’s).

Dez Lewis WR—Central Arkansas (7th round)
I won’t spend much time on Lewis, he was a small schooler who regularly dominated against weak competition in college.  It’s possible he could be a nice possession receiver in the NFL but he’s a project and also facing a decent WR core in Buffalo.  At best injuries would make him the 3rd or 4th option in a poor Bills offense.

DraftKings—Daily Fantasy Impact:
The Bills had one of the worst drafts if not the worst draft in the entire league.  Part of this was due to the fact they traded a lot of this year’s picks last year to get Sammy Watkins but it was also due to some of their choices.  They actually made three offensive selections with their limited draft picks but it’s unlikely any of the above mentioned players will make huge impacts.  Williams has potential long term but his only way to DraftKings relevance in 2015 will be through injuries to Fred Jackson and Shady McCoy.

New England Patriots

Fantasy Players Picked:

A.J. Derby TE—Arkansas (6th round)
AJ Derby is actually an interesting prospect.  Like Julian Edelman he is a former QB who converted to pass catcher.  His weakness is obviously his inexperience but he has very decent speed and size for his position, and proved to be a very reliable pass catcher in college.  He can do things after the catch most TE’s can’t (like run fast and score).  There’s a small chance he actually gets worked into the offense this year, but the likelihood is that he turns into a project who you hear from down the road, he’s an unlikely fantasy impact player in 2015. 

DraftKings—Daily Fantasy Impact:
I laughed pretty hard when the Pats (who went all Def and OL) selected a TE in the 6th round. Every year we seem to get a new face who will seemingly step in and catch all the balls Aaron Hernandez left behind in prison.  This also tends to get fantasy players drooling over nothing as it’s still very likely Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski will be the main targets in this offense. Keep an eye on Derby long term but you’ll need to see Gronk go down before even thinking about using him in 2015.

Miami Dolphins

Fantasy Players Picked:

DeVante Parker WR—Louisville (1st round)
Miami made the very sensible decision to get rid of the overpaid, under achieving Mike Wallace and replaced him with Parker.  Parker is not a supreme athlete in that he’s not overly strong agile or fast, but he does do a lot of things very well.  He has good hands and showed improved route running every year he was in college.  He’s a much better fit with Ryan Tannehill who doesn’t have the arm strength or downfield throwing ability for a pure burner like Mike Wallace.  Parker on the other hand excels at making catches in coverage and should be able to go up and get some jump balls.  I expect he’ll be the medium/deep threat in this offense almost immediately and makes a nice compliment fantasy wise to Jarvis Landry.

 Jay Ajayi RB—Boise State (5th round)USATSI_8305299_168381090_lowres
Ajayi is either going to be the steal of the draft or simply a footnote in NFL history.  Reports came out suggesting Ajayi’s knee, which he tore up while in college, was essential devoid of cartilage and that pushed his draft stock all the way down to the 5th round.  Ajayi is a big power back with very decent speed for his size (sub 4.6-40).  He may not be as smooth or quick as Lamar Miller, but he is a much more powerful runner and could possibly feature as the red zone back for the Dolphins in 2015.  There’s no doubt Ajayi has upside, possibly even as a featured 3 down back, but a lot depends on his health. If his knee survives training camp look for him to push for more playing time as the season progresses.

DraftKings—Daily Fantasy Impact: 
Even though I think the Dolphins first pick was a reach and that Parker’s top end potential is somewhat limited I actually like Parker for fantasy because of the way he should fit into this offense.  A Tannehill/Parker/Landry stack could be a good play against weak pass defenses next year on DraftKings.  Ajayi is someone to keep tabs on as well.  If Lamar Miller falters and Ajayi stays healthy the coaching staff could push him into a more meaningful role.  At the very least I think Ajayi could be useful on DraftKings against weak run teams since he projects as the Fins red zone back, can catch for PPR purposes, and should carry an affordable salary to start the season.

NY Jets

Fantasy Players Picked:

Devin Smith WR—Ohio State (2nd round)USATSI_7589128_168381090_lowres
In typical Jets fashion, the Jets let go of Percy Harvin and replaced him with a less talented version of himself in Devin Smith.  Smith is a pure deep threat who averaged an insane 28 yards per catch in college but really showed very little outside of being good at catching deep balls.  Additionally, while Smith’s best asset is his speed but he actually “only” ran an above average 4.42 at the combine, fast but not on par with NFL speedsters Mike Wallace and Desean Jackson.  I personally think Smith was perhaps the most overrated WR in this year’s draft.  He’ll slot in as the 3rd WR most likely for the Jets but given their failings on offense and his own limitations his output will be spotty at best.

Bryce Petty QB—Michigan State (4th round)
Once again I feel like the Jets made a massive fail here by choosing Petty over the much better prospect Brett Hundley (now a GB Packer).   Petty is a decent athlete with good size and some speed.  However he also played in a one-read system in college and even still was somewhat inaccurate completing 63% of his throws.  Petty’s strengths are his ability to move the chains with his feet and throw the deep ball.  The funny thing about Petty (sad if you’re a Jets fan) is that he reminds me a lot of Geno Smith.  I don’t like this pick and wouldn’t recommend him if he somehow starts a game for the Jets this season (which he might).

DraftKings—Fantasy Impact:
Even though I see Devin Smith as an inconsistent fantasy performer he may still have some fantasy impact this season.  Geno Smith’s one saving grace is his arm strength and Devin Smith will undoubtedly be used as the third WR and deep threat in the Jet’s offense.  A Smith/Smith combo on DraftKings could have a big week or two in 2015 for fantasy purposes and might be a good target in large gpps against Defenses with weak pass rushes and corners who have trouble with outside speed.  Don’t go nuts though this is still the Jets were talking about.

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