Nothing like a little Twitter Avatar beef to REALLY get the football week heating up huh? Dolphins Linebacker Chris McCain may have been in street clothes last week but now Eret (his nickname which is short for Everything) is ready to plow!

And before you think he hasn’t earned the right to virtually smash the Golden Boy’s skull, just check out his plays against the Pats last year. Dude earned that Tweet fam!  



History tells us that TB12 will literally kill this man (metaphorically but also pretty much literally) on the field Thursday night. The only thing that might prevent it is a Dan Campbell creatine overdose/Brady taking pity on him since he just became a father today.

And while Tommy may take it easy on McCain, it’s already a guarantee that New England fans won’t…   


Hey baby. I see you. #MalaylaOdile

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Photoshopping a human head that hasn’t existed for 24 hours into your clenched palms is such a savage move but that’s what happens when someone takes a shot at the #1 Leader of the Free World. The Dolphins don’t have much of a rebuttal for that one either.

Although a Head Coach completely impervious to weather/sunlight/everything is a good start!  


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