Weird is SO in nowadays. It’s been the case for a few years and aside from Old Spice, NO ONE loves using it more than DirecTV. Upgrading from Rob Lowe to Tony Romo, Andrew Luck, and now the Manning brothers was definitely a good move but can all that weirdness be sustained?

My only problem with this one… Uhhh how are these two men different whatsoever?






If you’re gonna do the whole “Hi I’m BLANK Peyton Manning” at least make it over-the-top. That is simply normal Peyton Manning. DirecTV had it right the first time…





My question is, how many of these commercials are gonna pop up during the NFL season? By the end of last year there were like 15 Rob Lowe’s that had cable.

Hopefully DirecTV turns the ridiculousness back up next time…



“And I’m Magic Mike Peyton Manning, and I have a VHS player”