WOW. Cooper Manning is downright hilarious. Peyton and Eli have been dominating the funny in commercials for years… but honestly all it took was 2 minutes of Cooper and he’s already my favorite football interviewer.

Some people may look at him as the forgotten Manning brother (he played receiver until end of High School and was apparently the best athlete of all) but this is an awesome way to shake that stigma. Stuff like..


Odell Using Cooper’s Senior Year Hairstyle As Inspiration








Odell Going 4-4 Catching Peanut M&M’s In His Mouth








Cooper Asking Odell To Sign Madden 16 For Him And Immediately Putting It On Ebay





And of course since he’s a Manning, Cooper is also incredibly consistent too. His interview with Drew Brees from Week 1 was just as good if not better..



As if Sunday’s weren’t amazing enough already! Definitely gonna be making the Manning Hour (minus 58 minutes) appointment television. Move on over Frank Caliendo! There’s a new funnyman in town… and this guy?

He’ll getchya!