“Cam: If I see a pair of underwear in your locker, you’re a bad guy…”
“Cooper: I’ve never owned a pair, if you find them in my locker they’re someone elses.”


I haven’t come close to being disappointed by the Manning Hour yet. I don’t know where Cooper has been hiding all these years but I’m glad he’s finally out in the open. Dude is legitimately funny and would be even if he wasn’t a Manning brother.

I totally believe Cam Newton gets manicures and pedicures weekly although I’m more surprised Cooper didn’t take him to get his teeth whitened. Cam must be wearing Crest Whitestrips like 24/7, I NEED TO KNOW HIS WAYS.

Props to Cooper for sneaking in that Rex Ryan foot joke at 1:35 too. It may be incredibly low hanging fruit but it’s still awesome fruit. Not nearly as awesome as cucumber exfoliation though..