To say people lack faith in Brandon Weeden as a starting NFL quarterback is a MASSIVE understatement. Sure it could be argued that’s not breaking news either but it is something that needs to be pointed out. Especially since one of the only humans on Earth that actually believes in Weeden is Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones.

Let’s not forget THIS is what he said immediately after learning BW3 would be starting for a good chunk of the season..


YEA! Hear that Troy Aikman? DWELL MORE!!!



Well all that beauty threw the egg right in our stupid non believing faces yesterday. Weeden set a Cowboys record for most consecutive completed passes while taking Dallas into the 4th with a lead.

Romo who?!?


And by yesterday I mean until the 3rd quarter and by “Romo who” I mean

ROMO WHO THE HELL LET THIS GUY PLAY QUARTERBACK INSTEAD OF YOU? Oh your bones are broken to pieces? it hurts when you breathe? You sure you can’t play though?

Tony with no arms or legs might still be better than this guy..



LOL at so many things but mainly that interception happening the EXACT play after Fox aired that cute little Troy Aikman bit. For opposing defenses and NFL fans of internet funny, Brandon Weeden is truly the gift (curse?) that keeps on giving!