Something cool is a good way to describe the pure gold Reddit churns out on a daily basis. Probably the #1 spot on the internet for fireflame GIF’s and today there’s another stellar example of that. Some crazy user put every logo of every NFL team ever together; even timed it out to include exactly when expansion teams were added.

The results do not suck..


nfl logo history gif_nrlbwj


Hilarious that the Dallas Cowboys picked their logo wayyyy back when but it was so on point all they’ve done since is add a small border. Big Bright Shining D-Stars! Not unlike the Chicago Bulls actually…





Now breath in all that nostalgia REAL deep and head on over to Ebay. What better time to buy a million throwback jerseys than the 2nd worst sports day of the year?? Definitely loading up on this era too.. GLORY DAYS BABY!