Ah the ol’ training camp bench clearing brawl, THANK GOD FOOTBALL IS BACK! Usually these types of fights don’t involve 100 million dollar Franchise Quarterbacks but that is the magic of the NFL isn’t it? The game is always evolving.

Cam wasn’t just working on his piss-ant squash game though… he’s been doing all types of crazy (cool) stuff to get into mid-season Superman form. Even taking off his Under Armour cape for a Wounded Warrior after a scrimmage..





And Cam broke it down with the newest member of the Panthers coaching staff, 6 year old Braylon Beam. He signed a contract back in June to give Riverboat Ron some much needed coaching advice.

But most importantly give Cam some dancing tips, Lord knows he needs them…





Looks like Braylon successfully taught Aceboogie a new way to boogie and he might’ve given him a new identity too. Now that Mr. Beam is clearly Carolina’s new Superman, Cam needs to learn some new tricks…watch out Josh Norman. The Dark Knewton RISES!