“I’m always looooose!” -Big Vince



Every New England fan knows the magic of Vince Wilfork is nothing knew. Always a top leader in the locker room and an incredible personality off the field too. Oh, and he’s a better athlete than 99% of the guys in the NFL.

Seriously why isn’t there a show dedicated solely to Big Vince taking on a triathlon or better yet get him on American Ninja like Seahawks P Jon Ryan. He can rush the passer, clog the lanes, kick the ball, throw the ball, shoot the ball, hell you better believe he could probably even rush the damn ball!

Jerome Bettis ain’t got nothing on THIS Shake N’ Bake…





But it wouldn’t be a Hard Knocks shout out if JJ Watt didn’t show up right? I’ll give him credit, other than rapping while he flipped tires in the first episode, JJ was a very entertaining watch.

Just the right amount of humility, ego, and Chris Farley impressions.



Behind the Scenes. @menshealthmag

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Also bigtime Honorable Mention to Brian Cushing for being the most entertaining meathead on planet Earth. Exactly everything you could ever want in a NFL linebacker.

Just call “Psycho 56” and let the man work…





Until next season Hard Knocks… thanks for the memories!

And mainly Big Vince in overalls. That’s gonna carry me and Professor X a long long way…