If you haven’t been watching Hard Knocks on HBO, you are missing out on BIG things. Specifically Vince Wilfork and his massively hilarious body. Just watching him walk in sandals/shorts is amazing… adding a cowboy hat, boots, n’ overalls is downright criminal.

Can we squeeze him into some skinny jeans next please?





It’s been one of the best Hard Knocks seasons I can remember in recent history. The Texans are a super likable team overall and I’ve really gained a newfound respect for Head Coach Bill O’Brien too. Dude knows how to coach and knowing he takes care of an incredibly disabled son everyday adds an crazy level of perspective to how this guy handles his team.

When he says give him juice… YOU BETTER GIVE HIM SOME GODDAMN JUICE MEN!





As we’ve come to learn these past few weeks, Brian Cushing has got juice up to his eyeballs. Who knows what else is up there though..




But he’s not exactly a wordsmith. In fact he’s the complete opposite. USC Trojans FTW!





Although in fairness the Texans may be the worst spelling team out of the entire NFL. (There also might be a 32 team tie for last)





JJ Watt put it pretty beautifully after this exchange… “Hey well thank god we hit hard right?” Speaking of Mr. SWatt, surprisingly not a lot of soundbites from him last night other than trying to get everyone to spell “spaghetti”

But don’t worry, HBO will always give you every ounce of JJ they possibly can.