Halloween season is upon us and that means athletes are getting their hero on even more than usual this week. Personally I feel like anyone who buys a costume off the rack or only puts 1 minute of thought into their costume deserves a very, VERY bad punishment. That’s the type of effort we generally see from athletes too.

Luckily most of them are also super jacked or always acting super tough, so even in a simple costume they usually look hilarious. Here we have Russell vs Ovi and gotta be honest it’s an upset here for me. Sure Danger Russ killed it with the authenticity and the actual Batmobile but there’s just something missing for me. It’s TOO on point… and I also HATE that I’m not the one with my butt in the Batmobile. Also rule #1 of Batman, NEVER SMILE.

So in a stunning turn of events I’m handing the Best Batman Award to Alex Ovechkin. He nailed the “All night of fighting/drinking potato vodka” Batman and his Catwoman is NOT messing around. That plus the Dark Pup really seals it for me and oh did I mention his Catwoman?

слишком хорошо!

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Pure Joy. Photo Cred: West2East Empire @West2EastInc

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PS: Awkward Turtle of the Year Award goes to Russell for having Ciara’s son aka Future Jr dressed up as Superman. What’s the name of that new movie coming out? Batman VS Somebody??

Birthday Costume Bashes shrouded in passive aggressiveness FTW!  

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