This past week we came upon a milestone. October 21, 2015. That mythical date was forever burned into our collective minds because it foretold the Cubs finally winning the World Series…against the Miami Gators…

Well, that didn’t happen because the Mets swept them into Lake Michigan.

Blame Daniel Murphy. Many Cubs fans are still gnashing their teeth and spitting when his name is spoken. So all the hopes and dreams of Chicagoland flowed into the abyss and the reality of the Bears season is just now resonating within the second city.

John Kruk? You got something to add?

Yep, as a Yankees fan baseball season has been done for me for a while. But light broke through the October clouds this week. Don Mattingly turned down a contract extension from the Dodgers. My heart leapt and I dashed to my basement to dig up an old jersey.

I can only hope Mattingly can find a reason to stretch the pinstripes across his shoulders. I can dream, can’t I?!?!

Speaking of a future that we thought could never be. This past week Pandora may have opened her box and out of it flowed a Royals and Mets World Series. But hope fluttered forth and we were gifted with the Nike Air Mags with REAL power laces.


Basketball is looming on the horizon. May it be fruitful for us all. And something tells me Paul George is ready.

I’m going to go ahead and rate this NBA season #PG13.

Speaking of not safe for the kids, what is he really warming up?

I recommend you buy that yoga ball dinner before you do that next time!

And you don’t want to see this interview, but you’re going to watch nonetheless.

Note, never point the camera at the entrance to the shower in an NFL locker room. It cannot be unseen.

Speaking of blinding yourself. I call this one, “Keeping Buffalo Honest.”

Let's face it, our Defense stunk today. #LondonCalling

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And then there was this.

Speaking of things one prays to unsee. Michigan fans, overt your eyes.

I end this post with some advice. When you’re the new kid on the block, try not to make too much trouble on your first day. A-Rod just picked up a gig on Fox Sports. This happened…on his first day at work.

Till next time, good luck this weekend!