These two whippersnappers decided it would be a sweet idea to climb the second largest tower in the world.  Apparently they have a history of climbing odd tall objects and essentially do it for fun.  THAT IS FUN TO THEM.  Wow.  As much as I admire their chutzpah as far as I’m concerned they are stupid idiot heads and I would never ever follow them for an adventure….

Here’s 6 things I would rather do than get high with these fools

1) Run after the guy that intercepted my quarterback Brett Favre

2) Drive the lane post whistle for a legendary slammer whammer jammer

3) Hop on a speed boat with overly aggressive bald men

4) Shag a few fly balls with Damien Jackson

5) Skate around the ice for a bit with Johnny Rocket

6) Forage for berries in the forest while some guys look for the Predator