Draft Your One-Week Fantasy Football Team and Play for $2 Million

You felt great going into the draft and were excited for the football season. But half way through, you were already out of contention and another year of fantasy football was down the drain. Here’s what happened and how you can avoid it this year.

1. You Got Hit By Injuries

Your draft turned out great — the guy you wanted in the first round fell to the 9th pick and you grabbed him. Week 1 starts and he has 80 yards and 2 touchdowns in the first half. Then it happens — an unfortunate injury leaves your team with big shoes to fill. The rest of the season is a wash as you’re playing without a first round pick.


2. You Drafted a Kicker Too Early.

It’s better to take a starter before you fill out your bench, right? Wrong. Wait as long as possible to take a kicker (or play on DraftKings, where you don’t draft a kicker at all) — the difference between the best kicker and 10th best kicker isn’t that different, and they are very hard to project.

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3. Your Internet Connection Failed and Your Team Was Auto-Drafted

You were in an online draft. It was almost your turn to pick and you saw just who you wanted. Then your internet timed out and by the time you were back on, an auto-selection was made for you. Of course, it ended up being a bust and the guy you wanted broke out.

Draft Your One-Week Fantasy Football Team and Play for $2 Million

4. You Kept Playing the One Team in Your League That Scored More Points Than You

It happens every week: Your team has a great performance, but your opponent had an even better one. Next thing you knew, your team was 3-9 with the most points in the league. If only you made the playoffs (or if you played in DraftKings 50/50 contests, where the top half of teams all win), you would have been happier).

5. You Forgot to Set Your Lineup

The season is long and after starting 0-4, you started to lose focus. Your starting QB had a bye week and your backup was playing on Thursday night. By the time Sunday morning rolled around, you realized you didn’t edit your lineup and it was too late to switch now — another week down the drain.


6. You Started Focusing Your Time on Weekly Fantasy Football Leagues

You drafted a new lineup every week and didn’t have to worry about injuries ruining your season. You realized that the $2 Million First Place prize was a little more rewarding than what your work league was offering. You didn’t have to draft a kicker. You played in 50/50 contests and eliminated the risk of playing against the one team that could beat you.

Daily fantasy allows you to play whenever you want and to take a break when you don’t. And with DraftKings late swap feature, you can edit your roster at any time until a player’s game starts.

Now is the time to get started on daily fantasy football. DraftKings is hosting a 1-week contest in week 1. 10 Million in prizes are up for grabs and first place will take home $2 Million in Week 1

1. Draft Your Team for Week 1
2. Join a contest, such as the $10,000,000 Millionaire Maker ($2 Million to First Place)
3. Follow along live and take home your winnings after Monday night’s games!