NFL history was made yesterday.

No it wasn’t something on the field or the establishment of a new rule or team, but it will be a part of changing the NFL landscape forever.

The Indianapolis Colts finally came to an agreement on a contract extension with their franchise quarterback, Andrew Luck. After months of speculation on whether a deal would eventually get done or drag on through training camp, there was finally a resolution – and it took the social media world by storm.

A recap:


That’s a whole lotta Benjamins, baby.

The final details: A six-year, $140 million deal with $87 million in guarantees – $87 million! That’s unheard of – literally, it’s a record. Luck’s new deal guarantees the most money for any player in NFL history, topping the $65 million in guarantees to fellow quarterbacks Eli Manning of the New York Giants and Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers – a record that stood barely a year after they signed their contracts last offseason.

It was obvious why the Colts needed to make this move, and the salary Luck is being paid is justified. He’s a young leader who will be behind the helm for many years to come (barring he can stay healthy), and is one of the top quarterbacks in the league. Not many teams are able to transition from Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck like the Colts.

So, what to do with that $87 million guaranteed? We have a couple of ideas on how Luck could put it to good use:

1. Spread The Wealth! The IndyStar broke it down, but if Luck was feeling really generous, he could give every person in the state of Indiana $21.15 – that’s 6,619,680 Hoosiers!

2. Ping Pong Playing Robot For those who pay close attention, you know how much Andrew Luck loves ping pong. It wasn’t long ago that he told Kevin Clark of The Ringer that he’d be interested in using some of the money from his new contract to purchase a ping pong playing robot. This is totally understandable: who wants to keep playing against the wall by themselves and chasing after loose ping pong balls?

3. His Own Book Club Enterprise In addition to ping pong, Luck’s affinity for reading is well-documented as well. He started and continues to run the Andrew Luck Book Club, an online outlet to connect with fans and recommend books that he’s reading or read. With the spare money he’ll have lying around, might as well take this WORLD WIDE.

4. Life Long Subscription To The Dollar Shave Club

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Indianapolis Colts

Andrew, dude… tackle that thing.

5. Trash Talk Lessons Andrew Luck’s trash-talking is also well-documented and… strange. It’s been said that whenever Luck takes a hit or makes a miscue, he goes out of his way to compliment the opposing defense with things like “nice hit” or “good play.” And while it’s confusing some opposing players as to whether he’s trash talking or not, we think there might be a better way to go about it.