Tim Tebow is yet again making headlines with his apparent decision to try-out for the big leagues. Seems a little odd, but he’s accomplished crazier things on the football field. Although he hasn’t played baseball regularly since 2005, the Florida boy was actually pretty good. Tebow hit .494 as a junior, helping his team reach the final four of the state playoffs. Here’s five teams that might benefit from calling him up.

5. Red Sox


With Big Papi leaving there’s going to be gap to fill in the team personality department. He already “played” in New England so warming up to the fans there shouldn’t be difficult. Tebow as a DH…why not?

4. Braves

Tebow Chipper

Geographically, the Braves are Tim’s hometown team. Tim has teamed up with Chipper Jones on a variety of philanthropy efforts so he has a good repore with the city.

3. Mets

Tebow Mets

Tebow played for the Jets, so this natural transition. He’s used to fans, the city, and they are in need of a bat, but don’t want to give up anything. Problem solved.

2. Angels


The Angels actually expressed interest in drafting Tebow prior to him committing to football full time at Florida.

1. Rockies


He’s already got an established fan base, breweries have literally named beers after him, plus Coors field is a hitters park. Seems like a good spot for someone trying to get their MLB feet wet, hopefully he can field.