After this upcoming Sunday, there are two football games left until preseason action starts again in August, and one of them is terrible (sorry, Pro Bowl). So this is your last shot. The choices are limited, but the daily fantasy football action is not. For one more week.

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Since hindsight is 20/20 and all that, of course you knew Davante Adams was going to lead the Packers in receiving, while Jermaine Kearse did the same for the Seahawks. And of course you knew Danny Amendola would score a couple of touchdowns while Dan Herron ran buck wild on the road in Denver.

But what you’re wondering now is if any of this means anything next weekend. And, the answer, really, is no. These games are going to be a different animal, with different game plans and a whole host of new guys stepping up to make plays.

Marshawn Lynch ($7,600) had 59 yards and no score last week, but does that mean you wouldn’t trust him at home against Green Bay? Of course not. Lynch had 110 yards and 2 scores in Week 1 when these two teams faced off, and the Packers’ run defense hasn’t gotten any better.

Andrew Luck ($8,200) threw for “only” 256 yards, 2 scores and 2 picks last weekend, and the Pats secondary has looked good this year (until last week). But Flacco just threw for four scores, and Luck handed the ball to Herron 23 times in a game where their opponent only had 13 points. Luck didn’t have a monster game against the Pats last time, but he threw the ball 39 times, and it is easy to imagine him piling up yards in this one, no matter the outcome.

Patriots Running Backs ($2,300 – $4,500) – You can’t trust ’em. We’ve established this. And they just won a game in which they didn’t give a single one of them a carry in the second half. In fact, they, as a group, ran for 14 yards on 7 carries against Baltimore on Saturday. But, and this is a big but, the running backs carried the ball 38 times for 219 yards last time they faced Indy. And for whatever it is worth, Brandon Bolden ($2,300) started the game and had as many carries as Blount this past weekend. And $2,300 is CHEAP. Blount ($4,500) might have the better shot at the TD, and they both have huge upside for the price in this one.

And the Packers… well, the Packers are playing the Seahawks, in Seattle. Teams that have had any success have often had it on the ground, but Lacy, at $6,300 is the second most expensive running back on the board. It might be hard to invest in him with this matchup. But there are four teams playing this weekend, and Aaron Rodgers ($7,800) is the cheapest among them. That’s kind of amazing. He might be playing in Seattle, on one leg, but he also might be the best QB in football, with the best receiving corps. On a weekend where it’s entirely possible no QB goes out and wins anyone the week, saving money on Aaron Rodgers seems like it could be a winning proposition.