As time has gone on this season, I’ve come to look forward to people being regretful. I get it, we’re all humans, we make mistakes. However, I have the luxury of spinning your misery into maybe something somewhat amusing? Week 6 I take another crack at that humor and look at some players who totally busted up your lineups. As always, you can send your regrets to me on Twitter @SBuchanan24.

Will Fuller ($6,000) 9.4 DKFP

I picked this tweet for two reasons. First, I totally agree, Fuller was a total bust. Most importantly, this dude has a Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt in his profile picture. I’d hang out with his guy or anyone with an SCSA t-shirt. Just don’t ask me to drink beer like Steve Austin, I can’t do the three cans raised up high and look cool in the process.

These past two weeks showcase exactly what happens when you play Fuller. Last week, we got the MONSTER 56.7 DKFP performance where he made 14 catches for 217 yards and three touchdowns. In Week 6, we got the Fuller dud, making five catches on nine targets for 44 yards. The worst part about his performance, which won’t be seen in the box score, is that he dropped THREE touchdown passes. Just a brutal turn of event for someone who EASILY could have had another huge game for the Texans. Even with all his drops, the Texans still pulled out the win by a score of 31-24, so all is not lost if you’re a Houston fan. As always, let’s take a look at some receivers who outscored Fuller at or lower than his salary.

Terry McLaurin ($6,000) 29 DKFP 4-100-2
Robby Anderson ($4,000) 26.5 DKFP 5-125-1
Alshon Jeffery ($5,800) 23.6 DKFP 10-76-1
Jaron Brown ($3,300) 17.9 DKFP 3-29-2

That Brown line really makes ME angry. What’s wrong with throwing to Tyler Lockett? These guys are supposedly BFFs off the field. Why can’t they be pass and catch buddies too?

Derrick Henry ($6,100) 4.3 DKFP

Yeah, so I was VERY in on Henry for this game. I had zero faith the Titans would get anything through the air against the Broncos, so let’s go with the next best option and use Henry. He got his carries, logging 15 of them but you usually don’t have a great fantasy day when you’re averaging 1.8 YPC for a grand total of 28 yards.

But, wait! Maybe, he’ll make up for it in the passing game!

Nope. He came up with one reception for five yards. We can’t forget that 1.5 DKFP aspect of his game today. It really made it tilting because the Broncos were allowing an average of 112 rushing yards and five touchdowns. The hype of Henry didn’t seem high and well, they weren’t wrong in not doing so.

The running back position was full of some really good performances this week, so take a look at some of the players you could have taken at a cheaper salary and a better performance.

Chris “ball security specialist” Carson ($6,000) 28.9 DKFP 24 ATT 125 YDS 1 TD
Carlos “can fumble but still log all the carries” Hyde ($4,400) 22 DKFP 26 ATT 116 YDS 1 TD
Adrian “will never play AP chalk” Peterson ($4,500) 18.6 DKFP 23 ATT 118 YDS
Miles “deep threat” Sanders ($4,200) 18.2 DKFP 3 REC, 86 YDS, 1 TD

I really don’t know why I gave them all nicknames but after doing so on the first two guys, I figured I had to keep it rolling. If Peterson and Sanders weren’t funny, that’s totally cool. It was forced.

Cooper Kupp ($7,100) 5.7 DKFP

Well, that sucked.

Kupp, who has emerged as the true WR1 in this Rams offense, was completely silenced by what has to be a respected 49ers secondary moving forward. Despite earning six targets, which were the most on the team, he could only manage four receptions for …… wait for it …… 17 yards. For someone who came into this game averaging 101 yards per game, safe to say this was a massive disappointment.

I, like I’m sure many of you, was puzzled as to why my lineups with Kupp kept moving DOWN in the rankings instead of up. Surely, Kupp was doing his part, right? Well, in his defense, it’s hard to get much going when your QB Jared “plays so much better at home” (I guess we’re proceeding with the nicknames) Goff only throws for 78 (!!!!!) yards on 13 completions. The Niners’ secondary continues to punish and torture opposing teams and today really solidified that for me. On paper, Kupp was the right play with the Niners’ past struggles against slot receivers, he simply ran into a brick wall.

As we close things out, here are a few tweets that didn’t make the cut but I’m including them anyways.

Westbrick? C’mon man, he has a family!

That was really, really deep of you Kirk. Thank you.

Player1 was the real No. 1 in my regrets thread.

See you all next week!