Week 12 was full of plenty regrets and as always, we’re here to help you pull through. Two of the the top regrets came within the same game, which also was the projected highest-scoring game of the week, so go figure. Let’s see how Week 12 panned out.

Mike Evans ($7,300) 9 DKFP vs. Falcons

Oh, you didn’t hear? This was a Chris Godwin week, how didn’t you know?

One of the biggest conundrums we’ve dealt with all season long is if it’s a week to stack Jameis Winston with Evans or Godwin. Lately, it’s been Evans and it hasn’t even been close. Prior to this explosion by Godwin, Evans averaged 26.9 DKFP over the past four weeks. During that span, Godwin couldn’t surpass 13.9 DKFP. So, as you’d expect, people were in on Evans this week. In a game that featured 35 points by the Buccaneers, you’d expect Evans to have more than four catches for 50 yards. Nope. The fantasy football gods wanted a 7/184/2 day for Godwin who, by the way, had 40.4 DKFP on the day.

With all this in mind, I needed to go undercover and find out the truth. Who has had the better weeks through 11 games this season? So I put on a mask, logged into the internet and did some research. The results come in below on who scored more fantasy points and the week they did so:

Mike Evans:
Week 3 (48 DKFP)
Week 8 (45.8 DKFP)
Week 9 (39 DKFP)

Chris Godwin:
Week 1 (14.3 DKFP)
Week 2 (29.1 DKFP)
Week 4 (44.2 DKFP)
Week 5 (34.5 DKFP)
Week 6 (28.1 DKFP)
Week 10 (13.4 DKFP)
Week 11 (13.7 DKFP)

So while Godwin gets the tallies, he barely is beating Evans in the weeks he does for the most part. So whatever, I guess it’s been Godwin week all along?

Matt Ryan ($6,700) 9.64 DKFP vs. Buccaneers

Staying with that same game, Ryan was a total bust at the quarterback position in what was expected to be the highest-scoring game on the slate. With an O/U of 52, this game hit the over, but in no thanks to Ryan. He was abysmal in this game, completing 23-of-46 pass attempts for 271 yards and an interception. For someone who has been one of more consistent quarterbacks this season, this was not a spot we expected the Falcons to crumble. Not to mention, the Buccaneers have been one of the most generous teams to opposing quarterbacks, coming into this game, allowing an average of 27.4 DKFP prior to Sunday.

Ryan was also the second-most expensive quarterback on this slate, which is the last kick in the gut when you see some of the other players who did much, much better than he did. For example:

Sam Darnold ($5,800) vs. OAK 31.2 DKFP
Baker Mayfield ($5,900) vs. MIA 27.5 DKFP
Ryan Fitzpatrick ($5,000) vs. CLE 25 DKFP
Mitch Trubisky ($5,100) vs. NYG 20.9 DKFP

Look at those names. LOOK. AT. THOSE. NAMES. Brutal, absolutely brutal.

As always, I get a few tweets that aren’t going to grab a full write up but worth including in here anyways.

So Mike is from Long Island and wanted to let me know about his disdain of not starting Cook. That’s fine, I completely understand, but he’s already upset about using George Kittle, who had yet to play at the time of the tweet. Mike has zero faith that Kittle will exceed the 21.9 DKFP that Cook had earlier in the afternoon so he’s chalking this one up to an early loss. When you know, you know.

Bailey asked me for advice on Twitter, wanting to know if he should start Kenny Golladay, D.J. Chark or Allen Robinson. I gave him Gollady and Chark. Let’s check and see how that worked out.

Allen Robinson – 28.1 DKFP
D.J. Chark – 10.8 DKFP
Kenny Golladay – 10.1 DKFP

I would not be surprised to see Bailey unfollow me by this evening.