Week 7 was a weird week. When you open up your DK Live app (which I know you already have) and go through some of the highest-scoring players, you’re probably a bit puzzled. Marvin Jones did what? Darren Waller scored not once but twice? David Johnson … was active …? Yeah, one of those weeks. As always, you can send your regrets to me on Twitter @SBuchanan24. Let’s dive in!

David Johnson ($7,800) 0.20 DKFP

David Johnson was indeed active in this game, we saw him take a carry for two yards, that’s just all he would do. Johnson would only play on three total snaps, instead giving way to Chase Edmonds ($4,700) to go off to the dismay of us all. Edmonds would score 38 DKFP, rushing the ball 27 times for 126 yards and three touchdowns. Oh, he also caught two of his four targets because, why not? After the game was over, coach Kliff Kingsbury dropped this nugget on us all.

… What? So why even give him that one random carry? Make sure his legs are loose in case he was needed on that “need-based” situation? What makes this even worse is that Edmonds was mimicking our lineups with Johnson in them at one point.

Oh, that must’ve classified as one of the “need-based” situations. Edmonds throws up, gives Kingsburg the thumbs up and they holler for Johnson to come off the field. Fantastic.

This is where I’d write about what running backs outscored Johnson but the answer is simply everybody. Literally everybody. If it makes anyone feel better, Dexter Williams ($3,800) also had 0.20 DKFP. But who cares about Dexter Williams?

Actually, maybe we should have cared. He would have saved us $5,000 and scored the same.

Matt Ryan ($6,300) 4.56 DKFP

All week, we were under the assumption that this would be one of, if not the highest-scoring game on the slate. “Play Julio Jones!” “Play Calvin Ridley!” “Play Matt Ryan!” “Play Cooper Kupp!” “Play Matt Schaub!” (no one said that but more on that in a minute).

The Rams at least did their part and scored 37, the Falcons could only come up with 10 points. Mr. 300 passing yards, Matt Ryan, could only muster 159 yards, hitting 16-of-27 pass attempts and an interception. It earned him 4.56 DKFP, which is pathetic to think about when you realize that Schaub came in late, threw six passes for 65 yards and a touchdown for 6.5 DKFP. If only we knew!

I’m so lost with this Falcons team. They can’t win any games, they’re one of the worst teams to bet on, they can’t cover a spread to save their life. I’m just hoping by the time I wake up tomorrow, Dan Quinn is on the unemployment line. Change needs to happen and Quinn has been a detriment to this team for quite a long time now.

Again, it’s not even worth listing who outscored Ryan because it was basically everyone. I mean, Mike freakin Glennon ($4,600) came on in relief of Derek Carr ($5,000) and outscored Ryan with 5.44 DKFP. Matt Moore ($4,100), who came in for the Patrick Mahomes ($6,900) on Thursday, outscored Ryan. The only quarterback Ryan wasn’t outscored by was Case Keenum.

Evan Engram ($6,500) 1.6 DKFP

Even dating back to last season, you open up the DraftKings app, see who is playing the Cardinals and take that tight end. Engram would have been that guy in Week 7, bringing some heavy baggage with his $6,500 salary. I’m not sure what happened here, but Daniel Jones ($6,100) must have forgotten he was active or something because Engram saw only five targets and made one catch. Rhett Ellison ($3,400) trolled us all catching both of his targets for 33 yards and a touchdown! So the narrative that the Cardinals can’t defend tight ends is still somewhat true.

I think it’s safe to say that the tight end position was essentially non-existent all around this week. If you didn’t have Darren Waller ($4,700) and his 34.6 DKFP, you basically were with the rest of the field. So I guess we can’t be THAT upset about Engram …maybe?

No, actually we can be mad. I’m looking over the salaries for the top five scoring guys and they average around $3,900 in salary. So yeah, that’s really obnoxious. Disregard what I said earlier, I’m pissed now.

Wrapping it up

A new tradition I’m all on board with is posting some tweets that didn’t make the cut but I’m all about posting. Here we go …

Adrian, I’m with you my dude. That was BRUTAL to watch.

Michael is good, not angry and has his PayPal email in his bio. I feel like maybe I’m doing this whole thing wrong.

I think I’m actually more angry at the beat writers for the Cardinals. You’re telling me NONE of you could have gotten that information about DJ? “Kliff, Hi, I’m a reporter. If DJ is active, will he have any type of limitation in Week 7?” Points iPhone toward Kingsbury to record his answer and tell my Twitter followers

Catch you all next week!