As I was making my lineups Saturday evening and Sunday morning, I suddenly found myself deleting them and starting over. Deleting them and starting over. Delete … start over. Usually, when that’s the case, nothing good comes out of it. I’m happy to report that trend continued and I was dragged over the coals in Week 11. Thankfully, I can join some of you in wallowing in some misery and talk about some things that went wrong. So without further ado …

Brian Hill ($4,800) 4.8 DKFP vs. Panthers

With Devonta Freeman and Ito Smith out of the mix, Hill was the next man up in the Falcons’ backfield. It was a great matchup on paper, as the Panthers had been a very generous team to opposing running backs, allowing an average of 29.5 DKFP and over 100 rushing yards in five of their 10 games. Hill, who received a $900 increase in salary ahead of this game, was a complete non-factor despite carrying the ball 15 times. He averaged a whopping two yards per carry on 30 yards on the ground while catching one of his three targets for eight yards. It’d be one thing if he busted because, quite frankly, who even knew this guy existed before Week 10? Aside from his mother and father, I would guess not many. Hill, however, used his time in the spotlight to basically say he didn’t care that he had a crap game as evidenced below.

Well, damn, he told us. I can’t even be mad. It’ll just be amusing in three years when he’s out of the league and touting daily fantasy plays for some random website.

Deshaun Watson ($6,800) 5.96 DKFP vs. Ravens

This was just a nightmare game for the Texans, who were only down 14-0 at the half. That deficit quickly turned into a massive hole, as the Ravens would go on to win this game by a final score of 41-7. While the Ravens’ defense hasn’t exactly been stellar this year, they certainly looked it in this game. Watson only threw for 169 yards, completing 18-of-29 attempts and was held without a touchdown. To make matters even worse, Watson potentially suffered an ankle sprain, although he was able to finish the game. Now he only has four days to get ready for a game against the Colts? Yikes, man. Not good. We had quite a few quarterbacks outscore him on the slate and some of them are downright embarrassing, let’s take a look:

Ryan Finley ($5,000) 7.3 DKFP
Kyle Allen (5,300) 12.7 DKFP
Brandon Allen ($4,700) 14.4 DKFP
Ryan Fitzpatrick ($5,100) 15.9 DKFP
Dwayne Haskins ($4,800) 18 DKFP
Jeff Driskel ($4,600) 27.46 DKFP

Terry McLaurin ($5,600) 9.9 DKFP vs. Jets

This was widely expected to be a bounce-back spot for McLaurin, who had been saddled with a tough stretch of games as of late. A three-game stretch against the 49ers, Vikings and Bills doesn’t exactly get you excited to put him in your lineup. So, I was one of the many who were excited to get our favorite Redskins receiver back in the mix. He was back in the mix alright, catching three of his four targets for a nice 69 yards, but that was it. In all, 9.9 DKFP isn’t exactly going to do the trick at a salary of $5,600. After starting off the year as a ball of fire, McLaurin is now averaging just 6.9 DKFP over his past four games.

It’s not as if this was a tough Jets secondary to beat, either. They’ve been ranked amongst the worst in the league and even after this week have allowed an average of 42.1 DKFP and 178 yards per game. It feels like his play fell off right around the time McLaurin landed on “F1 McLaurin” as his nickname. To dive deeper into this, I investigated when he made that statement, which was on Oct. 17, which so happens to be the start of the four-game stretch he’s done nothing in since. I’m starting to think he needs to embrace “Scary Terry,” which is when he was averaging 19.9 DKFP. Coincidence?

See you all next week!