Will your team be making any big moves during the 2015 NFL Draft? What are your team’s Draft Day needs? The NFL Draft is extremely unpredictable, and there are always moving parts before and during it. Lets take a look at the biggest trades that I believe could happen before or during tonight’s NFL Draft. Here are the 2015 NFL Draft trades to watch for.


2015 NFL Draft Trades to Watch For


Eagles Trade Up For Marcus Mariota

2015 NFL Draft Trades

File this one under the most obvious of categories, but it also has the strongest probability of happening. It doesn’t appear that the San Diego Chargers are quite ready to part with Philip Rivers just yet which means that the Browns and Titans are at an impasse. While the Browns aren’t the most prudent of organizations, trading up for a QB two seasons in a row is even too much for them. Chip Kelly, on the other hand, has shown no qualms about shaking up his roster. With 4 QB’s on the roster of varying degrees of mediocrity (Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, Matt Barkley), it really makes sense for Chip to make this move. A swap of first rounders , an added second and change (perhaps a few defensive players added in) should be enough to trade up to #2 which may not even be necessary. If Mariota gets to Philly, he’ll have a great shot at being a top 12 fantasy QB and worth investing in on a weekly basis against weak NFC East defenses on DraftKings.


Saints Trade Up For Amari Cooper

I haven’t seen this one bandied about in many spots but I think it makes a tremendous amount of sense. With Kenny Stills and Jimmy Graham gone, there is a playmaker vacuum in New Orleans. The team has shed themselves of several high priced contracts  and might be willing to take on some undesirables in order to get up high enough for Cooper. Adding the best wide receiver in this class (and a player who would have been a standout in last year’s star studded class) would make for a bit easier of a season for Drew Brees who has to feel pretty abandoned by Saints management. In the outlandish event that Cooper ends up with Brees and the Saints, he would be a top 20 fantasy wide receiver on volume alone. An ancient Marques Colston and recovering from injury Brandin Cooks won’t be enough to slay his fantasy value.


2015 NFL Draft Trades

Cardinals Trade With Minnesota For Adrian Peterson

Okay, okay, so not all draft trades are surprising. For months now, the Vikings have made it pretty clear that they don’t want Adrian Peterson on the roster. If they did want him on their team, these rumors would have died. That’s how it works. Peterson  has made it pretty clear that he is not super interested in playing in Minnesota. The Cardinals on the other hand, absolutely need a 3-down plowing running back. They could take their pick of Duke Johnson, Jay Ajayi or David Johnson (perhaps wishful thinking on my part with that 3rd one) but the safest possible option to pair with what will probably be the last year of Carson Palmer. No matter where AP plays in 2015, he’s going to be a top fantasy commodity. Some may worry that Andre Ellington will take away his touches but any team investing significant capital in an RB would be smart to load them up with work; additionally, Ellington was one of the least efficient runners in the entire league last season.


Texans Trade Up To Pick 9 (Giants) For Kevin White

Let’s go even farther off the board. What is the absolute smartest thing you can do when you have a bad QB, but a good running back, good tight end and one elite young WR? Give your bad quarterback another explosive weapon and hope that their talent can drag up his mediocrity. Brian Hoyer looked like a capable NFL quarterback when throwing to Josh Gordon. Give him two players of that caliber (White and Hopkins) and the Texans have a real chance at the semblance of a working offense in 2015. In a weird way this probably isn’t the best landing spot for White’s fantasy value as the Texans are not at all a high volume offense.


Remember, Anything Can Happen

The fun part of the NFL Draft is the unpredictability. There are many moving parts, and every team is looking to gain in advantage one way or another – be it trading a draft pick for a player to “win now” or trading for draft picks to solidify the future. Tonight should be no exception to this unpredictability, and keep your head on a swivel, as there could be numerous 2015 NFL Draft trades.