10. Chris Hogan

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Buffalo Bills

WR, New England Patriots (from Buffalo Bills)

Julian Edelman (what a great name) and Danny Amendola are two of the toughest pass catchers in the NFL for their size. They’re also both becoming two of the most fragile. Even if they stay healthy, Hogan was added to the mix in hopes of beggining to ease the load off the Pats’ WR duo. Playing slot receiver in New England is like being a starting RB. The hits add up. Hogan — who appears to be having an impressive camp — will see his snaps no matter what. If Edelman or Amendola go down, his value would obviously get a huge bump.

9. Josh Norman

NFL: Washington Redskins-Training Camp

CB, Washington Redskins (from Carolina Panthers)

Let’s think outside of the box for a minute. Josh Norman is going to have a huge fantasy impact this season for the following reasons: 1. A dominant Panthers D/ST no longer has him to limit opposing WR scores/force turnovers. 2. Washington now gains all those benefits and has a D/ST worth considering. 3. In a division with a lot of pass catchers headlined by OBJ and Dez, Norman now creates four weeks this season where both those guys are hard to consider playing.

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8. Malik Jackson

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars-Minicamp

DT, Jacksonville Jaguars (from Denver Broncos)

Jackson was the headline signing on a Jags D/ST that everyone is projecting to trend in the right direction in 2016. Prince Amukamara and Tashaun Gipson (considerable difference makers in the secondary) are also now in Jacksonville. Keep in mind that Blake Bortles and the offense are expected to take a step forward and keep the defense off the field a bit more. Finally consider the division the Jaguars play in. All this could add up to a good year on both sides of the ball.

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7. Chris Ivory

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars-Training Camp

RB, Jacksonville Jaguars (from New York Jets)

And speaking of the offense, Ivory was the main addition. The real key will be the growth of Bortles and Allen Robinson, but Ivory will certainly help move the chains. T.J. Yeldon was drafted to be the guy, and still may be the feature RB. But when it’s third and short or the ball needs to be pounded into the end zone, Ivory will be the guy that keeps this offense on track. His football impact may be greater than his fantasy impact, but Ivory will still celebrate some bruising runs and touchdowns.

6. Coby Fleener

NFL: New Orleans Saints-Minicamp

TE, New Orleans Saints (from Indianapolis Colts)

The New Orleans WR core was a giant let down last season, so they’ll likely take a step forward, but an offense with Drew Brees needs as many consistent targets as possible. Fleener isn’t Jimmy Graham, but Brees loves using his TE, and Fleener is a great pass catcher. It’s hard to see this duo not working.

5. Marvin Jones/Anquan Boldin

NFL: Detroit Lions-Training Camp

WR, Detroit Lions (from Cincinnati Bengals/San Francisco 49ers)

Bye bye Calvin Johnson, hello Jones and Boldin. These aren’t sexy additions by any means, nor will they fill the void left by Megatron. But somebody needs to catch passes behind Golden Tate, and these are the hands that will be. With a less than stellar backfield, Matthew Stafford is still going to be slinging it. Jones and Boldin may not have breakout seasons, but they’re going to be almost forced to produce for their new team.

4. DeMarco Murray

NFL: Tennessee Titans-Training Camp

RB, Tennessee Titans (from Philadelphia Eagles)

So Philly didn’t work out too well for Murray. Now it’s Tennessee’s turn. There’s no doubt Murray has the talent to succeed, so we need to ask other questions. Is this the type of offense he can shine in? Eh. Is there a threat to steal carries? Derrick Henry looks pretty good in camp and is a LOAD to bring down. Can he stay healthy? TBD. By all accounts Murray has looked great so far in camp, but those three questions make me pretty nervous. Murray can definitely have a good season and be a productive fantasy RB, but he’s not rounding back into Dallas form.

3. Lamar Miller

NFL: Houston Texans-Training Camp

RB, Houston Texans (from Miami Dolphins)

Houston likes how this one worked out. Arian Foster has all the talent in the world, but he’s getting old and breaking down. He’s in Miami now. Meanwhile, the Texans steal the young, talented back from the Dolphins and plug him right into what has also been a great rushing attack. It sounds like Miller is going to be the workhorse for Houston.

2. Robert Griffin III

NFL: Cleveland Browns-Training Camp

QB, Cleveland Browns (from Washington Redskins)

RG3 clearly needed a fresh start, and here it is. Cleveland may not have been his first choice, but it’s also not as bad as it seems. For starters, the good news on Josh Gordon is encouraging (four game suspension without time away from the team), and the two know each other from their time at Baylor. I don’t have any numbers that will tell you why Griffin could return to form for the Browns, but here’s one idea — rest. After tearing his ACL at the end of a prime rookie season, RG3 rushed back for Week 1 the next season and was never the same. He just went through more and more serious injures. Well, he wasn’t active for a single game in 2015. That rest could save his career. Griffin needs his legs to succeed.

1. Brock Osweiler

NFL: Houston Texans-Training Camp

QB, Houston Texans (from Denver Broncos)

The big move of the NFL offseason was Houston finding a QB. This one will be fun to watch play out. If Brock is the real deal, he’s going to be not only extremely fantasy relevant this season himself, but keep guys like DeAndre Hopkins and Lamar Miller living up to their late-first/early-second-round price tags in season-long drafts. He also won’t be looking over his shoulder for one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time to come back and steal his job. This is Brock’s to run with. Let’s see how he handles it.

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