Who says the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao “MEGA SUPER DOOPER FIGHT OF THE CENTURY!!!” was just a money-making scheme?


Love this listing because the seller provides five different angles of the bag. I don’t know about you guys, but, I don’t buy air online unless I can see the red/blue seal lines are perfectly intertwined AND I can get a view of the air from all angles. This is Buying Air on EBAY 101 stuff, really … you don’t buy air that you can’t examine from front, back, side, below, and above — everyone knows that. Thank you for providing this high definition proof of authenticity, Jalyn9022, consider me a customer for life. If the attention-to-detail in this listing is any indication, i’m sure your 100% Positive feedback is completely legit.


The seller describes the item as “limited edition” and that “you’ll never find another item like this.”I beg to differ. Sorry to break this to ya, but, you’re not the only one trying to scam people into paying for things that ultimately disappoint.

This is an awesome sales pitch though. I know that this person probably just wrote “Pacquiao Punch Air” on a ziploc bag he probably pulled out of his kitchen drawer and is now selling the bag thinking people will believe him, but, for some weird I reason: I WANT IT SO BAD.

Now that I think about it: No I don’t. It’s Pacquiao’s punch air, not Mayweather’s. If I want my apartment to smell like excuses and defeat, I can just sit on my couch and enter a 1-on-1 DFS room against Condia.