Usain Bolt had quite the night at the World Athletics Championship. It started on a very high note, with Bolt beating USA’s Justin Gatlin in the 200m (in a blowout victory of .19 seconds). That made Usain a 10 time World Championship Gold Medalist, which is absolutely ridiculous considering he runs in like 2 events everytime.

In a year where he’s been lackluster and had everyone ready to write off his career (at age 29), kudos to Bolt for proving he’s still got PLENTY of mojo left in the Jamaican tank.

Now go on and take your victory lap Usain! You earned it buddy… Yo cameraman make sure we get that dramatic over the shoulder with the national flag oh so much pageantry shot..






Guess he took “by any means necessary” rather literally…





Best angle/video of all. It’s awesome that Bolt was able to walk away from this but it’s even more awesome when the announcer says “MAMA MIA!” after he gets segway’d…





Last person on Earth I would’ve ever expected to catch the fastest man in the world. At least Usain dumped his Ego years ago, otherwise that would’ve been a REALLY nasty fall.