In an effort to ensure that we provide the best customer experience possible, we have decided to make a change to our traded player policy. In short, we will not be changing traded players’ teams if salaries are already posted unless the next start time is more than one week away.

For instances when a player is traded (changes teams) after salaries have been posted:

1. If the next start time for that sport/league is LESS than one week away

Traded players will remain listed on their old team and will not accrue fantasy points. Where possible, DraftKings will add warnings to Draft Screens once it is known that a player has been traded and therefore ineligible to register points. Additionally, users that have traded players in their lineup(s) may be notified via email and/or other notification features on the site.

2. If the next start time for that sport/league is MORE than one week away

To ensure the highest level of game quality, DraftKings may elect to change a traded player’s team, making that player eligible to record points. In these cases, DraftKings will notify users of the trade and details of any players affected.

We feel this is an ideal policy to ensure clarity and simplify game play as we strive to offer the best product for our users. Please contact for any questions.

Thank you,
DraftKings Team

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