On Wednesday the Celtics had a nice blowout win at home but it wasn’t fun for everybody…RJ Hunter attempted to give Isaiah Thomas props with a standard high five but ended up just pondering the mortality of his own existence…

While RJ figures out the meaning of life, let’s look back at some of the best rejections to ever grace a sporting event. Thank you all for your fails…

10) Kosta Koufous Self High Fives After Boogie Leaves Him Hanging


9) Richie Shaffer learns the value of friendship after his first MLB homerun

8) Chef Curry Can’t Cook up a high five for Draymond

Stephen Curry Missed High Five

7) Kevin Love Had chemistry issues dating back to Minnesota

Timberwolves High Five Fail

6) Tom Brady’s biggest weakness on the field is completing a high five

5) Don’t worry Tommy NFL fans can’t get it right either

4) Shane Victorino gets awoken by Hurricane High Five Koji


Boston Slap Five

3) James Harden would rather high five air than Josh Smith


Harden High Fives Nobody

2) NBA Bigmen can’t catch a break or a high five in 2016


1) No high fives or hugs just a solo Bud-heavy 30 rack to celebrate this championship