Halloween is almost here, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? In that eerie spirit, let’s take a look at the best DFS Villains to target in your Spooktacular Draftkings Lineup…


10) Biff Tannen $6400

Gotta start your lineup somewhere right? There are lots of ways to round out a Villain lineup but they can’t all be the baddest murderers in the universe, those dudes are EXPENSIVE. Paying down for Biff gives you lots of options with your flex and it’s guaranteed points. May not be a lot of them.. but you better believe Biff will always try to get his hands dirty whenever he can, which is always. Keep in mind though, this is NON-Almanac Biff. Draft carefully! (And hope that he avoids the manure cart)

9) Jaws $6600

He may be heavily limited by his usage but no doubt Jaws is a solid play in the lower end salaries. His opportunities aren’t as frequent as some other Villains but when his number is called HE MAKES PLAYS. Plus you can combine him with a top Villain and give yourself a bigger lineup. And we’re all gonna need bigger things…

8) Chucky $6600

Strong Lineups are really about hitting the mid-level guys with success and it’s hard to find a better value play than Chucky. Lil guy just won’t die! Not only that but he’s a completely demented soul TRAPPED inside a doll’s body. That’s natural motivation you just can’t buy. Although for a really fair price you can have Chucky help bash your team to the top! Bonus points for creepy head turns, HUGE Villain asset.

7)Michael Myers $6700

It’s really tough call between Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger. Myers may have demonic immortality on his side but Fred Krueger can literally invade your dreams. Pretty much anything can happen in dream world and that includes racking up MASSIVE points. Myers is definitely a consistent play for kills but can’t do much else. Plus he moves REALLY slow. He’s like the Kobe of DFS, only playing for himself. FADE!

6) Freddy Krueger $6700

Like I said before, Kruegs can invade dreams y’all. That’s a level very few Villains can get too and it’s worth paying up for. Although keep in mind there weren’t many energy drinks back in the 80’s. Now there’s Redbull, Monster, Surge… TOO many to keep track of really. That means less sleep for kids and less points for Freddy. Save your money for the big boppers down below…

5) He Who Shall Not Be Named $6800

What can you say about He Who Shall Not Be Named that already hasn’t not been said? A Villain with some strong dark magic never hurt and resiliency is also key. Don’t forget spending on He Who Shall Not Be Named also buys you the services of a giant snake and nearly endless spies. That’s a quick recipe for racking up points in every category. Voldemort FTW!

4) Jason Vorhees $7000

Jason Vorhees is a legend for sure but that’s exactly why I’m not paying this much for him. He’s old news! Dude is more worried about his Franchise money and fighting in high altitudes (like Outer Space) instead of just plain old killing. Vorhees may have a throwback game here or there but he’s got no heart left, especially at that price. Truly the Peyton Manning of DFS Villains.

3) Pennywise $7100

Not a lot to say here other than this Villain is worth every damn penny. Not only can he sneak into dreams like Freddy but he can straight up appear out of a showerhead. Oh yea… and he’s A CLOWN. That’s nearly automatic Fright Points and add in the giant teeth and penchant for hanging out in sewers… yea that’s what I call a Top 3 DFS Villain play. I’ve personally had my thoughts haunted by him since I was a wee boy and I can attest, he is WORTH IT.

2) Darth Vader $7400

Maybe the most evil man to ever slowly walk the Universe. His sole purpose is to serve the Dark Side of the Force but you can have him call you Master too if you’re willing to pay for it. It’s worth paying up for and no matter the matchup, you BETTER believe Vader is loading up the stat sheet. No species is safe, no planet is secure, hell even his own kids are right in his cross-hairs! Terrible Father? Yes. Amazing DFS Villain play? Yesser!

1) The Joker $7500

If our earlier clown was worth every penny than this one is certainly worth every burning dollar. Not only will he do things that blow your mind but he’ll actually blow up A LOT of stuff too. He’s no one trick pony either, The Joker can simply do it all. Even showing off something as simple as a magic trick can bring in BIGTIME points when Mr. J is in play. And don’t forget his usage rate! He’s literally never out of the game. Whether imprisoned in Arkham or strolling the halls of a hospital, The Joker always makes a big play. And since I love winning Villain DFS,


Who are the Villains you’d want in your DFS lineup? Tweet me @devlindz and lemme know! Just please no more clowns though