All we need is a laugh track.

Bare with me.

The recent Mayweather-Pacquiao fight was a bust. For all intents and purposes, it did not deliver the “omph” we all wanted. The “Fight of the Century” did not deliver on the hype.

Also, the fight took FOREVER to build up to. Let’s be honest we faced months of promotion and behind the scenes featurettes. The world doesn’t need another boxing match.

Not long after the dust began to settle, the rumors of a rematch puffed and whiffed through the Internet. From Pacquiao getting wrist slapped by the boxing commission to Mayweather “texting” the promise of another fight. Now, there is no rematch. For now.

But here’s the brutal truth…the world doesn’t need another boxing match.

Gentlemen, we don't need your fist. We need your jokes and awkward situations to breathe new life into this conflict. Every Tuesday at 8 pm eastern.
Gentlemen, we don’t need your fists. We need your jokes and awkward situations to breathe new life into this conflict. Every Tuesday at 8 pm eastern.

The payday was also less than it could be. Sure, Mayweather and Pacquiao walked with a chunk of change for each of them. But I’m talking about a new angle on the fight behind the fight. It’s not about the violence; it’s about the people behind the fight.

Think of it as the Odd Couple of the Century.

I imagine Pacquiao as the uptight Felix Ungar how is constantly fighting the battle of the dust-bunnies and has to move in with his arch-rival but reluctant best friend, Floyd Mayweather; he will be our lovable slob, Oscar Madison. In the original play, Oscar was a sportswriter with excessive spending, gambling problems and a lack of general hygiene.  As Mayweather is famous for his Instagram photos of his bathing rituals, we will need a slight re-write. I gladly offer my services.

The “Oscar” aspect gives all the sports channels plenty of angles for “guest-spots” to check on the training of the fighters for their upcoming battle. Also, the fighters could train together…and I don’t know…perhaps make it a real fight.

What we have here is two people distinct and genuine. They couldn’t be further from complimentary. This makes them perfect for a situational comedy of two guys just trying to make it in the big city. As they try to train for their upcoming fight, they have to face the daily struggles of…wait for it…laundry and loud neighbors. I suggest we get Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell as a the zany neighbors that always crash into the tense moments where Mayweahter and Pacquiao find themselves about to come to blows over a mis-washed hand towel.

A weekly sit-com could pull in millions per week. And by millions I mean viewers and dollars. It could culminate in a huge season finally that fades to back right into the fight.

Let’s be honest, these two fighters don’t need to shut themselves off from the world to “train” for this fight. Neither have anything to defend. So, let’s do the American thing. Let’s make a little coin on it.

Till then, all I need is a laugh track and ten minutes with a network executive and follow me @Deepdfspicks.