Referred to as Australian sport’s greatest rivalry, the State of Origin series is one of the Australia’s and the region’s premier sporting events, attracting a huge television audience and usually selling out the stadiums in which the games are played. Despite the existence of international tournaments and State of Origin being a domestic competition, it is frequently cited as being the highest-level of rugby league played anywhere in the world. Players are selected to represent the Australian state in which they believe the game originated, hence the name ‘state of origin’


The Rock + Interstellar Soundtrack= I’m Dead. Rugby is one of those really cool international sports I know nothing about and probably never will. I’m sure going to the games are great and the athletes are exciting but there’s no familiarity there. TILL NOWWWWWWWWWW


OH SHIT IT JUST GOT FAMILIAR AS HELL UP IN HERE! Smart move by whoever organized the State of Origin sizzler. Even without The Rock it’s a stellar pump up video. With The Rock? Well obviously I’m a diehard rugby fan now. Go sport team go!