(ESPN) – It was a pre-planned move – you can only guess how uncomfortable it must have been to have that marker next to his leg as he waited for his 200th try – but he then walked over to sign a camera. It is a practise seen in tennis but little did Injera know, the players sign a protective cover instead of the lens itself. The lens – now permanently marked with Injera’s autograph – costs in the region of £60,000

When keeping it real goes wrong! There’s no word on whether Collins Injera is going to be charged to replace this camera lens but one thing is for sure.  When you are the Kenyan Sportsmen of the Year in 2009, the world IS your playground.  Any rugby fan will tell you Injera is a pretty big deal in their world too…




King of the try-hards!  I can’t imagine he’ll get stuck footing the bill you can’t do a legend dirty like that.  Plus those 200 try’s were EARNED let him have his day. Pretty sure when Nick Riewoldt scores his 200th he’s going to sign the closest jumbo-tron.