Being the Worlds No. 1 tennis player isn’t enough for Novak Djokovic. Nope, not only does he have to go out there and win essentially every single time.. but he’s also gotta cut that grass rug up with some wicked dance moves after too. Apparently that random t-shirt guy LOVES dancing in the aisles during the US Open and gets everyone fired up all the time.

If it looks like he’s been doing it for years well, he literally has been! Very cool of Novak to invite a true legend down to stomp it up together. Super choice move throwing on the “I <3 NY” shirt too… that IS how endorsement babies get made. And this is how real babies get made..







Just so obvious that they’re both masters of their craft. Seems like Novak would rather dance than play tennis anyway… must be so tough being the absolute BEST in the world though.

Gotta unwind somehow and oh does he ever…





Mid-Match Dance-Off between Novak and Will Smith in Argentina






Pre-Match Dance-Off with belly dancer in Dubai





Post-Match Dance-Off with crowd after winning Rodgers Cup in Montreal





Post-Wimbledon Dance-On with fellow champion Serena Williams



Dude just LOVES to dance and who can blame him. Anybody willing to randomly start dance parties at anytime will always be a friend of mine.

Hence why me and WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan are total BFF’S..